UNIQLO celebrates Metal Gear Solid 25th anniversary with sale

UNIQLO is celebrating 25 years of Metal Gear Solid by hosting autograph sessions with the one and only Hideo Kojima and artist Yoji Shinkawa. Hideo Kojima is extremely nice to meet in person. It may be E3 right now, but right after, Kojima is heading to the UNIQLO event in New York for two days.

June 8th is at UNIQLO 5th avenue from 6-8pm. June 9th is at the 34th st UNIQLO location.

They do have tshirts forum women sizes as well. The event does require a minimum $30 UNIQLO purchase to participate in the autograph session. The 10 exclusive designs retail for $19.99 each and are limited edition. The merchandise will go on sale for both days in the morning of the 8th and 9th. The new line of tshirts feature characters and classic lines from the game. To get a look at the collection early head over to UNIQLO.com.