Disney at San Diego Comic Con

Disney hosted a great Hall H panel at San Diego Comic Con yesterday. The films featured were Frankenweenie, Oz the Great, and Wreck It Ralph.

For Frankenweenie, Tim Burton came on stage to answer Q&A and showcase more footage. An interesting fact is that Tim Burton had envisioned the movie as a full length stop motion film, but due to budget had to make it a short film instead. Now he gets to revisit his work and make it complete. Here is a video from the homage trailer:

Oz the Great featured director Sam Raimi. I found curious that there were quite a few times where people asked about the intersection between this and Wizard of Oz. But there isn’t any. This movie takes place way before Dorthy ends up in Oz. Find out more at the official site.

Wreck it Ralph was my favorite! The director came out along with John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman. John C Reilly plays Ralph who is sick of his role as the bad guy. We were treated to 10 minutes of the film which was awesome. It will be fun to see how many video game characters you recognize!

Lastly we got a sneak peak at the Lone Ranger. Although I’m not sure that’s the working title for that. Tried to see if we had any video to show you, but I can’t find anything online. Overall a great panel and it’s going to be a great year for Disney movies!