• 12Jul

    San Diego Comic Con we are in you!

    Ladies and Gentleman let the 2012 San Diego Geekfest begin! That’s right , today is day 1 of San Diego Comic Con and this year two of us from GamingAngels are here! Keri and I will be covering everything from Comics to games to pop culture over the next four days.

    Our updates will probably be at night summaries because there is no press room at SDCC and internet access there sucks. But watch @GamingAngels for any RT of our tweets from the convention (or add @crunchychocobo and @gamingangel).

    Last night things kicked off with Preview Night. While the line to get badges was much shorter than normal, I think this was the most packed Preview Night I’ve seen in awhile. Stuff was selling out left and right already! The Chun-Li Hello Kitty was sold out, but hoping to pick it up today when the doors open! What was unfortunate was the CARTS of merchandise that some people bought. It looks like retailers take their whole families in an effort to get more exclusive pieces. This means that they can walk away with a case of an item and then turn around and resell it for more because it’s sold out at the Hasbro booth. I think this is incredibly sad. While Hasbro makes their money either way, it creates a system that not only is incredibly difficult for the fan to get anything, but if they want a toy they may have to pay more then the SDCC amount right away.

    We’ll see how crazy packed it is today! I’m looking forward to getting many cosplay pictures and pictures of the show floor for you. Hope you enjoy our coverage and let us know if there is anything specific you would like to know about from San Diego Comic Con.


I wish I could be there with you!


Looks like it's going to be a blast! Have fun, guys.

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