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    Snap App Sunday: Instagram

    ​Welcome to the first installation of Snap App Sunday, where I will give you all the information you need to know about photography based applications. Personally, I’m Team Droid, so controls and functions may be specific to my oft used smartphone, but I’ll make sure I predominantly write about apps on both Apple and Droid operating systems.

    If you have a Blackberry, I’m sorry that you have a Blackberry.

    Today we’re going to start with the most popular photography app out; Instagram.​

    I’m sure you’ve heard that two seconds after their Droid app was released, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for one. billion. dollars. Since then the app has gone through a few updates, most notably a recent redesign, to improve functionality and finally make room for the kabillions of infiltrating Droid users.

    When Instagram launched on Droid, I immediately downloaded it to see what the fuss was about (I was using the now defunct Lightbox and Picplz) and never left (which makes me look like a gigantic ass because I griped about Instagram the whole year I didn’t have it). The app is great, when it’s working, and I truly understand the appeal.

    Instagram offers 17 different filters, in addition to (my favorite) the unfiltered​ option, there isn’t much photo correction available – just a very unreliable, and often unpretty, “brightness” feature, there is also the ever popular selective sharpening/blur doodad – which allows you to blur all but on spot of photo for artistic/privacy options. With Apps like Pic Stitch and Photo Grid, you have the ability to create cute photosets like this:

    Chronicling my nerd mom life, including that time Yo Gabba Gabba went all Human Centipede.

    I’m such a purist that I rarely utilize these features, but I’m getting there!

    As well as uploading directly to your Instagram profile, the app also gives you the option to share your photos to your Facebook profile timeline, Twitter, Foursquare, Posterous and Tumblr – so everyone can see your lunch wherever they follow you! Instagram is not like other social media platforms, where you have this huge profile to manage and customize, instead it’s very simple and app based. If you want a profile to link to on your website, try Webstagram - also incredibly simple and includes some of the same features as Instagram, here’s what mine looks like.

    I also use Statigram, which helps me keep track of comments, statistics and sends adorable snapshots like this one:

    Instagram has developed such a huge following that you can even stay in touch with and meet fellow enthusiasts via Instagramers or InstaMeet.

    Now that Instagram has bumped my two favorite photo apps before it to oblivion, I’m sticking with IG (follow me: RazingMayhem), and highly suggest it for those of you afraid to make the “everyone’s using it!” leap.

    How do you utilize Instagram? Any cool hacks you’ve discovered?

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I LURV Instagram.  I rarely use my DSLR anymore because Instagram takes such nice pictures with easy edits, and they're SO much easy to share from my iPhone.  


FTR:  I was Team Droid until about 3 months ago.  I will never go back.  I haven't had a problem with apps crashing, or the phone for that matter.  And the iPhone is SO way faster than any Droid I ever had.  


Come to the dark side.

GamingAngel 45 pts moderator

I love Instagram but never knew about the other apps that help you get more out of your pics. Nice to know! Great article!!

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Its_Annoying 6 pts

Well, I don't have any of these phones, know nothing about apps -- so this is all greek to me.  I am glad it works so well though for so many others!

I want instagram so bad, but my droid doesn't accept it :( so annoying! Instead I use an app called FxCamera. It is similar, but only has 3 filters instead of 17!

MoniqueCaraballo 5 pts

That would probably be perfect for me, since I so rarely filter stuff, haha!

LifeAcc2Amanda 8 pts

I love Instagram! I haven't really discovered anything to it, but it is so much fun!