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    Target announces some pricey Hunger Games merchandise

    Maybe because the target audience of fans of the Hunger games is women/young girls, but Target is expecting Hunger Games fans to spend when it comes to their favorite franchise. The press release does have details about the Hunger Games DVD ($20.99)and Blu-Ray ($25.99). Both are available for preorder now at But because the movie is so popular they have additional merchandise you can purchase. Most of the collectibles shown on the Target site seem affordable and range from earrings to candle holders. But the press release mentions a few “rare” items that they must believe fans will pay for. The “premium” items will be on the website on the day of the DVD release on August 18th. The keepsakes include: “14-carat gold replicas of heroine Katniss Everdeen’s famed Mockingjay pin (the story’s symbol of rebellion), with 100 available at $999 each; leather replicas of Katniss’ hunting jacket, with

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