A day with WWE 13

On Saturday THQ took GamingAngels out for a day of WWE celebration. The event was tied into SummerSlam and the announcement of details for THQ’s upcoming title, WWE13. Unfortunately, THQ had no control over the weather that day because it was SUPER HOT at Staples Center. But the heat did not dampen any of the fan’s love for WWE. But the heat did affect me being all pregnant and such. I went through three bottles of water and sat down in semi-shade during the event. While I was sitting, I was crowd watching. Staples Center was sold out for SummerSlam and they came to this pre-party to celebrate their love for particular wrestlers. What I noticed was how family friendly the event was. Families everywhere wore t-shirts for their fav wrestlers (CM Punk seemed the most popular), they stood in line to get pictures with belts, stars, and even on the THQ WWE 13 cover. At one point this mom sat by me with her son. She wore a grey CM Punk shirt and her little boy wore a future wrestler tshirt. The amount of passion really amazed me.

The fans lost it when THQ paired up with IGN and WWE to announce the line up for WWE13. While they announced the full roster, some of the various WWE stars came onto the stage.

Here is the roster lineup video:

After the roster lineup we got to take our WWE13 cover picture:

(You can’t tell but I made a motion like cutting your neck. Hubby laughed at me for trying to look tough.)

Next was some air conditioning and a chance to change out of our sweaty clothes. When we met up again, we walked into the auditorium at the Grammy Museum and took a seat. Well….before getting to the auditorium we took the elevator with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Of course we were all trying to play it cool. This is LA, stuff like this happens all the time. But it was a thrill to ride in the elevator with him. At that point I knew we were going to meet some WWE stars. THQ and WWE did not disappoint. We had an entrance from Brodus Clay with his gal friends, dancing up a storm. It was hilarious!

Then THQ took a turn at showing features from the upcoming WWE 13. Turns out they really listened to the fans and are bringing the best WWE experience ever to the consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii). I got to play the game later that night, but I’m going to go a bit out of order and discuss everything about the game here.

I only took a few notes, so forgive me if this seems sparse. I did not get the exact number, but WWE 13 features the most extensive rooster the franchise has ever had. Part of this involves the inclusion of the Attitude Era wrestlers. If you are a bit older like me, you might remember the Attitude Era as an amazing time to be a wrestling fan. These wrestlers brought it to the ring every night. One of the coolest features of the game (in my opinion) is the Attitude Era single player storyline. Here is a video to talk about it:

In the Single player campaign you play through the two years of the Attitude Era. The fight between the WWE and WCW fought for supremacy. Or ratings. There are over 60 matches and during the gameplay, you’ll unlock videos and images from that era that are exclusive to this game. It was really amazing to see one of the videos they showed in the demo. Just brings you right back to those times and helps you learn a thing or two that you might not remember.

THQ made many improvements to the fighting aspect of the game as well. New to the game is a spectacular moment. These are events you can set off to get some amazing reactions. Like throwing someone into the reporters’ table. You can also finish someone mid-air and of course use various parts of the environment in the fight. THQ also made a point to really work on the skeletons for the players. The huge, heavyweights, now look massive. Not the same as everyone else. THQ also tells us that size and weight will factor into what players can do with the characters.

I sat down to throw down in WWE13. As typical for me, I took a fight to really learn how to use the controls. Punch, kick are easy, but when you get thrown out of the ring, how do you get back in? Left bumper on the Xbox controller. The basic controls were easy to learn, but some of the more advanced moves will definitely take time to master. I choose to play CM Punk (who I sat next to!) and actually started kicking some butt. We had headphones on, but I started yelling at my virtual CM Punk to get up. It was funny. I really lost myself in the fun of playing the battle.

WWE 13 is due out October 30 2012. If you pre-order the title, you can get Mike Tyson as an unlockable character (he was in Attitude Era). There is a special edition available that Stone Cold Steve Austin is not only the cover boy for, but also personally signed called Austin 3:16 edition. Talk about collector’s item!

Last, I have a few videos from a panel with the wrestlers. I was again floored by their passion. Not only for WWE and WWE 13, but how much they really enjoyed bringing entertainment to people and being part of the WWE history. It was amazing.

Here Sheamus talks about WWE:

Mike Tyson talks about WWE:

CM Punk talks about playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out:

Stone Cold Austin talks about Attitude Era in WWE:

CM Punk talks about Attitude Era WWE:

Stone Cold talks about performing in the WWE:

Here are pictures from the panel:


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