GamingAngels is looking for writers!

GamingAngels has been an amazing community for eight amazing years. In the beginning I started the site because I wanted there to be a place where women could get their start writing about games. At the time, there were very few women writing about games in Game Magazines, and it was difficult to find other women I could relate to. I wanted to create a community that brought us together by our common geeky thread, but also fostered discussion and challenged status quo.

Now things have changed. There are many wonderful women writing about games. The area that needs to be worked on is getting more women interested in becoming a part of the gaming industry. Making sure girls are encouraged to study STEM fields, and doing our best to point out when any media is being contrary to that goal.

We’ve had amazing staff that I have considered family. Covering the games industry as an independent site is never easy. We were covered by NBC and CBS, and have been recognized in the industry for our work. Some writers have gone on to start a career in games and have made a name for themselves from their time at GamingAngels.

Real life happens and sometimes people have to move on. We are at a point where we have some writer turnover and I’d love to encourage and hear from you if you are interested in writing for GamingAngels. Please email me at trina (at) GamingAngels dot com if you are interested. We are going to be changing the site in a big way and I think it will be exciting to be a part of it. Just like it was eight years ago when we were determined to make a difference.

The first thing we are doing is separating out all the categories that aren’t video games off the site. GamingAngels will be a space purely for discussion all about video games. PulpAngels will be launching soon and that will be our Sci-Fi lit, Fantasy, and comics coverage. If you would like to apply to write for that, please email me at trina (at) GamingAngels dot com. GeekGirls.TV will also be launching. That is our all video site again, let me know if you are interested in being a part of that.

All positions to this point have been volunteer. This year we paid for E3 and will continue to do so next year. We will be providing more this next year because of ad revenue that we have made as a site. We also have paid blogging opportunities through our partners.

Thank you all for reading and supporting GamingAngels as we have changed throughout the years. We’re definitely looking forward to what the next iteration of our site will accomplish!

Much <3 Trina


How would you feel about having male writers on the site? I'm thinking the content will be the same (focus on news, reviews and original articles about gaming) but that we'd provide a huge focus on how to get into the game industry, give away our national computer camp scholarship, and work heavily on our interview series with women who work in games.