Kinect Drops Price in US to $110

Effective immediately, Microsoft has dropped the price of its Kinect motion-control peripheral from $150 to $110 in the US. Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb also announced on his blog that the rest of North America will see a permanent price cut soon, and so will the Latin America and Asia Pacific regions. Starting October 4th, the Kinect will be available at a permanently reduced rate in Australia and New Zealand.

At this time, there are no plans to cut the price for the Kinect in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, or Japan.

Is this price cut enough to entice you to pick up a Kinect? I admittedly had fun with the Kinect during my Majesco tour at E3, but I still haven’t been able to talk myself into taking the Kinect plunge. Even with the price cut, I’m still not convinced this is a gadget I need to have..yet.

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