THQ is sending GamingAngels to SummerSlam!

THQ is sending GamingAngels to SummerSlam!! That’s right, we’ll be there to catch all the SummerSlam chaos and fun here in Los Angeles. Tomorrow we’ll get to see the SummerSlam Axxess where we’ll hear the live Roster Reveal for Sunday’s SummerSlam. Then we’ll head back and get a hand’s on with THQ’s next WWE title, WWE13!

The next day we will be going to SummerSlam to cheer on our favorite wrestlers. I’ll be rooting for Brock Lesnar. Follow the hashtag: #SummerSlam to catch all of us tweeting and taking pics throughout the event. THQ has also created a WWE site where you can follow all the action from home.

Check out Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance from the upcoming game: