Dark Horse creates Tyrion statue for Game of Thrones collectors

We’re huge Game of Thrones fans here at GamingAngels. I can’t wait for the show and Wintercast (our podcast) to come back. But until then, Game of Thrones collectors can get their hand on a Tyrion statue newly announced from Dark Horse.

The statue depicts Tyrion, as portrayed by Peter Dinklage in the TV show, charging into battle leading the defense of King’s Landing against King Stannis Baratheon’s assault.

“When Dark Horse Deluxe began developing a new line of collectibles based on the HBO® adaptation of Game of Thrones, we were pleased to discover we had the full attention of all involved, from the team at HBO Global Licensing to the principals steering in the production,” said Dark Horse’s VP of Product Development, David Scroggy. “The Tyrion statue is a benefit of that communication, and we know the fans and collectors will recognize the quality that is the result.”

Here is a making of video in case you are interested:

The statue is available for advanced order. But quantities will be limited. Game of Thrones Tyrion statue is 10 inches in height and will be in stores on February 20,2013 for the price of $199.99.

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