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    Easy Mode: My First Platinum!

    Achievements and Trophies are the mark of an excellent gamer. While there are some that you get strictly through game progression, there are those you need to really work for. They are there to prove that you have risen to a challenge even greater than the game itself, and are a marker to help you show off just how friggin’ good you are at something – especially platinums. In order to achieve a platinum you typically need to collect almost all of the other bronze, silver and gold trophies. They typically require a lot of dedication and a lot of time, and usually mean you have to play through the game more than once.

    Up until last week, I had none. But after 50 hours of gameplay, I got my first one: LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4! I did a happy dance, took a pic, and squeeee’d a whole bunch!

    I have a love/hate relationship with collecting Trophies, because I love everything about them, but I just don’t have the skill to get the ones that lead down the platinum road.  There is something insanely satisfying about hearing the triumphant ding and having the trophy icon appear in the right hand corner of the screen. And while you can always get a bunch of bronze, silvers, and sometimes even golds for just playing and finishing the game, the platinum is rarely ever that easy, and that is what makes it the most attractive to obtain.

    I hate them because I just can’t friggin’ get them! I feel defeated when I see that in order to get the platinum you have to beat the whole game on the hardest difficulty, which is a thing I just can’t do. So I decided to look for some of the less challenging platinums to obtain, and what I found was a lot of judgment. Some people think that these easily obtainable trophies are “cheap,” and that having the Hannah Montana platinum is not only worthless, but also a pathetic attempt to raise your level.

    I don’t think that’s a fair assessment though, especially for people like me who live for 100% completion – I don’t really feel like I beat the game unless I’ve done everything there is to do. And while I know that I won’t be able to platinum some games like Assassins Creed, Skyrim, and Mass Effect, I still want to play some games that I know I will be able to finish to 100%. LEGO Harry Potter was a great first step for me: not only was it fun, but I knew that I could get to the platinum if I put in the time. I wasn’t going to be held back my skill, only my dedication to getting there.

    I will probably never make it onto Colin Moriarty’s PSN friend list. I probably will only have platinum Trophies for LEGO games and puzzles, and I won’t be impressing anyone with my Trophy level. However, I am proud of my one and only platinum trophy, and I’ll keep on working on my skills so someday I might be able to platinum a more difficult game.

    Do you play for Trophies and that special little ding? Or do you have a hard time and look for the simpler ones? Leave your platinum comments below!

    Easy Mode is a weekly Gaming Angels column that celebrates those who love the ideas, the gameplay, and the graphics of games but just don’t have the skills to master them, written by our beloved Sarah Ingram a/k/a Ceratopz.

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crunchychocobo 11 pts

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 was my first Platinum too. Will probably be my only one. :)

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@gamingangel @gamingangels thanks girl! I love writing it!