Music Monday: Tube Ride (Double Dragon Palace)

I listen to more video game soundtracks than I do any other genre of music, as sad or as awesome as that may be. It’s not that I don’t like modern music–I’ll always love hard rock and metal–but the band nerd in me loves orchestral scores so, so much more. I don’t always have to have played the game either; sometimes the video game music just speaks to me without having prior knowledge what where it came from or what it’s representing.

In the case of Double Dragon Neon’s soundtrack, it calls me back to a lovely place of nostalgia. What do I have stuck in my head this week? Oh it’s a callback to the type of video game music from the 1980s that screams ancestral roots from surf guitar legend, Dick Dale.

Jake Kaufman – Double Dragon Neon – 20 Tube Ride (Double Dragon 1 – Palace)

I am so tempted to turn this into a ringtone, but I also know if I do, I’ll never answer my phone; I’ll sit and listen to it ring in its entirety.

Like this track? The entire Double Dragon Neon soundtrack is available for free! (But you’ll donate a little something to the composer, right?)