Spend time gaming with Hotel Transylvania

It’s almost the time of year to think about thing that are scary or go bump in the night, but Hotel Transylvania takes a different approach. Starring the voices of Adam Sandler (Dracula) and Selena Gomez (teen daughter Mavis), Hotel Transylvania takes on the tale of a father being protective of his daughter–something I can still relate to. Hotel Transylvania is where all monsters go for their spa getaway, but a human boy discovers the hotel and Mavis.

Here is a trailer:

In addition we have some fun games for you to play to get you in a ghoulish mood. Dracula’s Maze, Zombie Suitcase Sort, and Wayne’s Wolf Pup Wrangle are embedded below and free to play.

Dracula’s Maze – Move your mouse to help Dracula navigate the secret passageways of Hotel Transylvania

Zombie Suitcase Sort – Help the zombie bellhops navigate suitcases to the correct guest room chute below!

Wayne’s Wolf Pup Wrangle – Wayne the werewolf has a disobedient litter. Click on his wolf pups and drag them back into their pen before the timer runs out and they make a mess in the hotel guest room!

I love to see companies create games that are meaningful to the film. Hope you enjoyed playing them! Hotel Transylvania is arriving at a theater near you on September 28th in RealD3D. We actually have some items we can giveaway! Enter for a chance to win an item pictured below by leaving us a comment as to which game you loved the best! Leave us your score too if you catch it, that way we can all compare!


I really liked the Zombie Suitcase Sort! I got up to Level 10 with a score of 3440. I hope the giveaways are still happening! I have been trying for over a month to score a Mavis doll for my little girl!! 


I like the Zombie Suitcase Sort and my score was 710