Vaas and Buck explain the rules in new ‘Far Cry 3’ trailer

If there’s one word to describe¬†Ubisoft’s¬†Far Cry 3, it’s “insane.” Everything we have seen up until this point has confirmed that the chaotic game will play like a bad acid trip (in a good way), and the latest trailer is no exception. The trailer introduces us to two of the antagonists of the single player campaign, Vaas and Buck. Vaas appears to be your standard mentally unstable sociopath, and Buck appears to be a cannibal. Yes, we’re excited, too.

The game will take place on an archipelago, with the single player campaign taking place on the two largest islands, and the co-op and multiplayer on the other two islands. The story will set gamers as Jason Brody, a tourist trapped on the island and separated from his girlfriend. As often happens in the FC universe, things go ploin-shaped as Brody must interact with the local population and wildlife (there’s a trailer in which you punch a tiger in the face, people) to find his girlfriend and escape the island.

Far Cry 3 is set to release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on December 4, 2012. If you’re a trailer music junkie, the song featured throughout is “Prisoner” by The Jezabels.