Vacation Reading

For Labor Day weekend this year, I visited a friend’s lake house. There was shopping at the outlet mall, chatting, boating and good food, but also plenty of time to catch up on some reading.

I have been known in the past to get a little carried away on my book packing–on the order of a minimum of four books for a weekend trip, and up to 10 for a week-long getaway. I don’t always read them all, but after I was forced to borrow a book I didn’t like from a friend one weekend because I had already finished the two books I had brought with me, I ldiscovered the fine art of over-packing.

These days, I try to spend more of my vacation time doing something that allows me to talk to my companions, and my extra packing space is taken up largely with yarn and crochet hooks/projects, but it still wouldn’t be vacation without plenty of reading choices. The Nook is what has saved me there–I can bring a huge library with me in almost no space at all!

As I mentioned last year, I have been getting two science fiction short story magazines, Analog and Asimov’s Science Fiction, on my my Nook for a while now. I have not been completely ignoring them as they show up in my library, but I haven’t been keeping up with them, either. This weekend I was able to put a good dent in the backlog. They were perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway, too, with stories that were interesting, but not so long I needed to keep track of what was happening for more than one sitting. I do like the longer, more complex novels that make me think, but the short bites were better for a lazy last weekend of summer trip.

How do you plan vacation reading? Do you think ahead, saving books for vacation, or just grab whatever is handy as you are packing? Do you prefer novels or short stories, or does it depend on the length of the trip?

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