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  • 12Sep

    Win a copy of Borderlands 2 AND an Xbox 360!

    At GamingAngels we are all super excited about Borderlands 2 from 2K and Gearbox. I’ve been wanting it in my hands since my hands on at E3. In my opinion, the Borderlands franchise is the ultimate co-op game. Perfect for spouses, siblings or roommates.

    GameStop is giving all preorders exclusive access to the Creature Slaughter Dome and access to the Borderlands 2 Premier Club. To celebrate, GameStop has teamed up with GamingAngels to offer one lucky reader a copy of Borderlands 2 and a brand new Xbox 360! Incredible! GameStop also has more chances for you to win by visiting the GameStop Facebook page and Name This Gun! Come up with the best name and if chosen, your named gun will appear in a future Add-On Content pack. They are also giving away Borderlands 2 swag which is something we all want.

    What do you have to do to enter? Rafflecopter will showcase the various ways to enter but the main entry is a comment below about what class are you going to play as first? That will unlock a couple of extra ways that you can earn more entries! Come back and Tweet about the contest each day for more chances to win!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    The contest is open until September 18th and a winner will be chosen by GamingAngels on the 19th. This contest is by the wonderful people @GameStop.

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downsouthtigger 5 pts

Assassin cause Zer0 looks pretty cool, then again Gunzerker is pretty tight.

John Treck 23 pts

 downsouthtigger Gunzerker rules!!

My latest conversation: importeren auto

candybeans 13 pts

I won't lie. I just like playing female characters (when I'm allowed to). Siren FTW.

xjoex93 5 pts

Going to play the assassin class first. Zero looks awesome.

I want to play Zero, but since my friend wants to first.  I will probably play the Siren on the first playthrough

moto_grrl 5 pts

So what if I was wanting to play the Siren? ;) We may need to draw straws. LOL

DraftingDave 5 pts

I can't wait to play Zer0   


Als0, I l0ve h0w they replaced all the "O's" with zer0s in the skill Tree. 

Tortacular 5 pts

Commando to start with I think.

OrangeBlack 5 pts

I will go for Zer0, thanks for the chance.

lazyboyblue 5 pts

I played as roland last time out so will go for something differant. Zero the assassin  I think this time.

Evilteddy03 6 pts

I will be going with Zer0 the Assassin

ropes 6 pts

Lilith is my favorite character in Borderlands so it is going to have to be Zer0.

ninjarprestige 5 pts

I'm gonna start out playing with Zer0

eFFinAddict 5 pts

Prolly going be playing as Commando because I like turrets

1CHANpion 5 pts

I'm going in hard with Commando

ohhaihello 5 pts

I think I'll start out playing the Siren class

OregonSlacker 6 pts

Thanks for the chance, really appreciate it!I'll be playing Assassin!

I'm probably going to play a Zero. I'd like to change it up since I used the Soldier class in Borderlands 1.

JeffreyNguyen 5 pts

Zero, he seems most like Mordecai from #1

MylesOliverDawson 5 pts

Probably going to play as Gunzerker or Commando first. I'm so stoked for this game!

mrsleftybrown 5 pts

I think I will go with the Stealth class as Zero

BippleSheen 8 pts

I'll be going commando... just like I am right now :D

ColeBlak 5 pts

I prefer a stealth class so Zer0 all the way. 

blrogrl808 5 pts

I've been planning on how I'm going to do my skill tree and I think I'm going to go as Zero in the Assassin class!

RandomAlec 5 pts

Salvador first, whether I like him or not he's the least appealing to me right now, post-playing. :P

qwikciphers 5 pts

Commando. Going to love setting up turrets and creating havoc in the field!

hestar69 6 pts

Sirennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!..Till I can make a Mechromancer :)

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@Sparklykiss That was a joke btw. Please don’t hate me.


@Sparklykiss I hope you lose and I win.


@gamingangels Well don't let me stop you! I will have more Metro: Last Light merch for you in October to give away to your amazing fans :)


@RandomAlec @GamingAngels @GameStop u will never win this cause i will :P :D