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  • 05Oct

    Cool Gears of War toys unleashed by Erector

    I love my toys. My favorite toys are the collectible type where they merge my geeky hobbies and my love for toys. The iconic Erector brand is doing just that with a brand new look at Gears of War’s most popular vehicles. The detailed sets will include C.O.G. Armadillo, C.O.G. Centaur and C.O.G. King Raven so you can create the Locusts vs Delta Squad Battle.

    These sets are to be built by you, but have easy to follow instructions in case you have never tried to build a model before.

    The Gears of War Erector sets are now available exclusively at Toys R Us locations ranging in price from $24.99 to $59.99. The models vary in number of pieces it takes to put them together, which characters come with it and of course Gears stickers. Great holiday gift idea for that Gears fan in your life…or you can just pick one up for you.


Great Stuff.  Looks as if they can be "converted" to fit into dioramas and other table top displays.


@crunchychocobo haha I thought of you. when writing it last night. I think the kits are pretty dang cool.