Handheld Lowdown: What I Still Want From Pokemon

I’ve talked about wanting more from the Pokemon games before. As addicting as they are it is still the same game with a new “Team Rocket” and new Pokemon. As cheesy and redundant the TV show is, it sparked an idea for a new direction the game should take.

With different regions hundreds of Pokemon and many different career paths introduced to the show, a Pokemon MMO shouldn’t be out of the question. Each character that is usually a NPC in the games, or random stranger in the show would be controlled by a player. Want a particular Pokemon, but don’t want to go find it the wild, your friend at the breeder could produce one for you. Maybe you’re tired of being a Pokemon master, but like the idea of contests, that could be a completely different avenue to take your character. Gym leaders and the elite four would consist of rotating people, so even if you challenge the league 5 times a day it would be a different experience. Every time a person beats the champion they get pushed down until they are the first gym leader, then eventually they have to go through the process again. It is essentially what people play now, but all regions are available and different paths are available. Heck if you want to be Team Rocket’s leader that is possible too.

What really sparked this idea was watching the TV series and seeing the different types of trainers with different goals. In high school us Pokemon fanatics, would go to the same person to who would trade us baby Pokemon (I received an Eevee, so he could grow up into an Espeon). We even had friends, who were twins, name Jesse and James. So, technically at least in my world everyone already had place in the Pokemon world, it was just a hassle to try to get my Eevee in the middle of English class. This is where an online Pokemon world with all the different regions would accommodate every trainers need and people can actually catch them all, and not the mention be the very best.

I almost find it cliche that if I was in the Pokemon world I would strive to win all the contest, granted it was like the show with mixture of move for style points and a battle section. It would give me a completely different experience then the one I’ve been enjoying since childhood, when I thought it was called Pikachu. I still remember getting out of the hairdressers looking at the banner displayed on the side of KFC adorned with a huge Pikachu. I then had a pretty heated argument with my mother insisting it was all about the electric rodent. My seven-year-old self had to surrender the fact that although Pikachu is adorable, it’s still about the world of Pokemon.

The problem is this would work best on the PC, and I can’t see Pokemon coming out on anything but Nintendo. This also isn’t a new idea and has been reject several times. However with so much content, anytime now is perfect to consolidate the experience. I still remember player crystal version and after finishing the Johto League, I found myself back in Kanto with new challenges and I’ve wondered why that end game content hasn’t been added since.

These are simple ideas, but I get attached to my Pokemon and would love to have a team where I can truly test my skills against the best in the world.

Everyone talks about how my generation grew up with Harry Potter, and as fantastic a series that is, I’d like to think I grew up catching the cutest magical animals then pitting them against my friends in all out battle on the bus to wherever the school district thought we should go next.

So, now I say I really want Nintendo to find a way to embrace the world the raised me and truly let me enjoy it with the rest of the world.

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GamingAngel moderator

I love Pokemon and play all of the games, but I don't think I would ever want a Pokemon mmo or something like that. But maybe that's because I don't want to play mmos (no time). Perhaps people that love the franchise would play an mmo (like yourself) to be more immersed. Would be more incentive, if player would get benefits in the handheld game for playing the mmo.