Music Monday: Max Payne 3’s Painkiller by Health

The Max Payne 3 soundtrack is one of those soundtrack compilations I absolutely love and listen to often, and yet, I have never played the game. In fact, if I’m under a writing deadline for work, I find that this soundtrack motivates me like no other to crank out words of glory.

The entire soundtrack was put in the hands of a band called Health, a “noise rock band” from Los Angeles. From the first track, I was very dubious as to whether I would like it, but by the time I reached the following track, I found myself bobbing to the beat at my desk while strumming along on my laptop.

Health – Painkiller from Max Payne 3

If you aren’t tapping along by 3:36, I can’t help you. I also can’t recommend looking into purchasing the entire soundtrack if “Painkiller” doesn’t tickle your fancy. I admit that it’s an acquired taste, but it’s like acquiring the taste for beer or wine–it’s worth it in the end.

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