Official ‘Outlast’ trailer arrives in time for Halloween

Red Barrels has released the first official, full length trailer for their first project, Outlast, and we’re officially intrigued. Earlier this month, the new Montreal-based studio teased the project, referring to it as a “true survival horror” experience.

Outlast is set in Colorado (huzzah!), at the Mount Massive Asylum, which used to house the criminally insane. According to the trailer’s preface, several doctors were murdered by a patient in the 60s, and from the carnage seen within the trailer, several soldiers were recently murdered, too. Gamers play as Miles Upshur, a journalist who has set out to reveal the truth about the Asylum, which he appears to believe the Murkof Corporation is using as a secret, experimental facility.

We’re the first to admit that the story it’s the most inspired, but the former Assassin’s CreedSplinter Cell and Uncharted developers have put a lot of emphasis on “survival.” From the trailer, it looks as though Miles’ best asset may be his ability to sneak, run and hide, which gets our Scissorman senses tingling! We’re not sure what purpose the camera will serve for gameplay, other than a record of Upshur’s adventure, but it looks as though it’ll play a major role.

Outlast has been confirmed for PC, but no word on a release date.

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