What are you playing this weekend?

As I eagerly wait for Tuesday to stroll in with all that Dishonored goodness just waiting for me, I’m planning on working on more of my stack of shame. I’ve played a lot of “heavy” games as of late, including Bulletstorm and Walking Dead, and I’ve been craving for something nonsensical and just FUN. Bulletstorm provided a lot of that, but it doesn’t have the light-heartedness I need before stepping into the dark world of Dishonored.

So what’s better to fulfill this need than a LEGO game? That’s right, it’s all LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7, baby! I finished the story modes last night, so I plan to do nothing but hunt down those elusive red bricks, gold bricks, character tokens, and students in peril. Maybe I’ll actually have another Platinum trophy in my midst? Crazier things have happened!

What’s on your docket this weekend?

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