Finding new wonder in the Wizard of Oz

Title:Wizard of Oz – pop-up
Publisher: Insight kids
Price on book: $22.99
Illustrations by: Nicola L. Robinson
Story by : L. Frank Baum

The story of the Wizard of Oz is a classic one, but Insight Kids has taken a very interesting twist by bringing it to life with beautiful three-dimensional pop-up scenes. The book itself has a hard, sturdy cover which is great for making sure the pages and the 3D pop-up scenes stay protected.

Inside, it’s the same Wizard of Oz story that we all know and love. The illustrations from Nicola are not kept just to the Pop-up scenes, but are are also around the corners of the pages.

The real magic is a new-to-me innovation to pop-up scenes in a book. I am in LOVE with this style of pop-up and no other book may be the same again. A pop-up page starts with a picture in a frame that sets up the scene. With a pull of the tabs on both sides, the scene rises to showcase a full 3D scene. It then easily collapses back into the frame when you close the tabs. I LOVE that the 3D scenes open this way rather than with the turn of the page. Those 3D scenes rip easily, feel fragile, and never quite look the same after much use. I can see reading this book to my baby for years and enjoying the 3D scenes for just as long.

This book is a great gift for adults and for kids, although adults may want to read this book with small ones.

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