Give the gift of laughter with PrankPacks

Who says you can’t give the gift of laughter while you are gift giving? I think the PrankPack by 30 Watt is a cute way to prank your friends and loved ones over the holidays.

30 Watt has created a new line of PrankPacks, which are empty gift boxes. When the recipient unwraps the gift and reads what the product is (such as extreme chores for a gaming system), it creates that perfect moment of confusion and awkwardness that is sure to have at least you rolling. When the gift receiver opens the package they will see a yellow flap that says “Prank You!”, and realize that their real gift is inside.

“The 30 Watt R&D Labs, worked on gift bag and gift wrap innovation for many years, and the countless hours and millions of dollars have paid off, with the development of the Prank Pack—a genuine fake, prank gift box, says Arik Nordby, Creative Director at 30 Watt. “In addition to the multiple styles to currently choose from, we hope consumers will be eager to find out what new Prank Packs will be added to the line every year and enthusiastically select the vessel(s) for their gift delivery.”

The PrankPacks are available for $8 each. My favorites are the Extreme Chores, Crib Dribbler, and iDrive.