Importance of donating to kids in hospitals

Yesterday, I spent four hours in a doctor’s office undergoing a test for my pregnancy. The test consisted of drinking a substance and then having blood drawn every hour for three hours. That means plenty of downtime in between draws. Only so many magazines or books one can read before becoming obscenely bored. Thankfully, I came equipped with a Nintendo 3DS and the latest Mario game. While it was interrupted gaming, it’s still the most gaming I’ve been able to log in all week. And I LOVED it. I love that it took my mind off the test. Off the worrying. Away from the soreness of the needle draw. It allowed me to escape and have fun.

At GamingAngels we have always supported Child’s Play and Gamers United. Both organizations raise funds and various video game items to create a way for children in hospitals to have the same escape I wanted yesterday. “The Power of Play” is an incredibly strong thing in helping children face their illness and also heal.

As we embark on the holidays, and purchase various game items for ourselves and loved ones. Maybe make some time to give to these organizations too. Whatever you may think about the gaming community right now, the one constant is that games entertain. They help take you away from the current worries and stress. Let you embark on a world where there is no illness and pain. Every sick child deserves that getaway.


I work in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and I definitely agree with this article.  Our unit is lucky enough to have a variety of gaming options for children who are well enough to play.  It's great to see a smile on a child's face when they would otherwise be staring up at the ceiling with only their pain to keep them company.