Nintendo teams up with Old Navy for Black Friday deals

Nintendo is teaming up with Old Navy for a special deals for Black Friday shoppers. This is the first Black Friday games deal I have heard of. Mario will be the hero of Old Navy’s “Cheermageddon” Black Friday Giveaway. On November 23rd, shoppers who line up early and purchase at least $40 in merchandise at Old Navy locations across the US will have a chance to receive a free copy of New Super Mario Bros U game for the Wii U system (quantities are limited and vary per store). During Black Friday, Old Navy shoppers will also receive a special game card for a chance to win one of 1,000 Wii U systems. If you are in Canada, your day to play will take place on Saturday, November 24th.

Visitors to Old Navy from November 22-24 can try out New Super Mario Bros U on the new Wii U. There will be Mario-themed photo backdrops for pictures.

The Wii U launches on November 18th along with New Super Mario Bros U. It’s a great way to try out the new Wii U system complete with the new Wii U GamePad.

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