Playing Borderlands 2 with your Husband

Ah the highs and lows of playing a co-op game with your husband. DH (dear husband) and I absolutely love the Borderlands franchise. We love the story, the gameplay, and the art style. It’s one of the few games that we don’t pay attention to achievements, but instead we work our way through badass rank areas. I don’t have much time to play games, but what we love about Borderlands 2 is that we can play together. Instead of watching tv after dinner, we typically grab controllers and try to log in an hour or two before bedtime.

Before I dive into the frustrating aspects, I want to say that I love playing video games with my husband. There aren’t many local co-op games we can play together, unfortunately. We laugh at each other’s “dumb” moments, and we enjoy saving each other when we have to. I am more apt to choose to play because I can play with him, than to kick him off of the tv so I can play something else by myself. If more games had a local co-op function, then perhaps gaming would fit into my life more. On weeknights, DH and I always look for things we can do together. After a long 8-10 hour day of working, we just want to enjoy the night together before bed. There are few things more isolating or irritating than one person trying to take over the tv and making the other person go to the gym for the other tv.

But life isn’t all rosy when playing co-op with my husband. Unfortunately we come from two different worlds or gaming playing styles. I wonder how many people marry gamers that have the same playing styles as them. It has to be hard to find. I have to admit that I’m an older gamer who enjoys linear games. I want story. I want quests. But I want them in a linear fashion. I want to complete task a to get to task b with an occasional side quest that doesn’t take me too far from the quest plot line. I don’t really enjoy open sandbox games. I tried so hard to enjoy Skyrim. But in the end, I get lost, forget how to get back to the original plot line, and I then lose interest. At some point, it’s easier for me to start the game over rather than try to pick up where I last left off. I have no sense of direction in real life and I believe this is what hinders me in open world games. I can’t figure out what direction I should be headed in and instead get frustrated, throw the controller and move on.

DH on the otherhand LOOOOOVES to explore. Loves Loves Loves Loves. It makes me cringe just writing about it. He loves open world games. Loves seeing what’s in every corner. He may do the main quest totally by accident through his random roaming and he’s okay with that. We’ll be heading down a path in Borderlands 2 and we’ll find a new area. Of course he has to check it out now. At this point there are two options. One, we’ll charge in and get our butts handed to us because it’s an area we shouldn’t be in yet (although this is happening less in Borderlands 2 than it did in the first). Or we’ll clear out the area, get back on track and find out in another hour that we have have to go BACK THROUGH that area for another quest. Yep, kill everything all over again. Sometimes it’s not a problem, just more of a waste of time. Other situations we are very low on ammo and it’s a complete struggle that ends in me cussing him out the entire time.

An example of our conversation goes like this:
Me: We were supposed to go left for the quest.
DH: But there is something over here I want to check out.
Me: But we’re only playing for two hours tonight. Can we just get this quest done and come back for it?
DH: *says nothing but drives to unexplored area*
Two hours later….it’s bedtime and we still have to finish the quest.

I wouldn’t trade my co-op player for anyone in the world. I love my DH. But sometimes, I just want to take over his controller and force him to play in a linear style for once. For now (and until the baby comes) we’ll just keep plowing through Borderlands 2, one random area at a time.


@xMoshtradamus sweet! I can't check out the live stream cause of a baby class, but will it be recorded and posted later?


@xMoshtradamus Not yet! We're still not done with the main quest. Due to hubby's want to explore. lol