Review: Fluxx for iOS devices

Game: Fluxx
Publisher: PlayDekGames/Looney Labs
Link to app in Apple Store

Fluxx is a weird name for a game, but it definitely captures the essence that is unlike any game you have played before. There are many games in the Fluxx series, for this review we looked at Fluxx for iOS devices.

The game: Fluxx is a game that thrives on the chaos that is created while playing. One can play online or offline up to four players. I played against AI opponents for this review.

You basically play cards during your round to end up trying to achieve your goal. The goal is listed in the goal box, and you can use your keepers to achieve it. But you’ll have to act fast because one of the things that can change often is that all the players can change out the goal. At the same time that goals are changing so do the rules of the game. There are action cards that you can possibly draw and play that can completely change how the game is played. For example you start with the draw 1 play 1 rule, but somewhere in the first round, someone can change the rules with an action card and all of a sudden you are drawing five and having to play all but one of your cards. It’s really important to “watch” the chaos and pay attention to the rules as they change. It’s also possible to completely nullify all the rules in play with the right card.

My thoughts: Fluxx is difficult to play on an iPhone. I would definitely recommend playing it on an iPad in order to really be able to read the cards as you play. Otherwise, you can click and enlarge the cards so you can read them (your cards), but sometimes that meant I played them by mistake. Also, if your hand gets rather large, it’s incredibly difficult to “touch” to select the card you want to play.

Fluxx is a really fun game. After playing through the iOS version, I actually picked up the card game to play with friends at a party. I recommend the iOS version if you can play on a tablet. I found the card game at Target if you would like to just play with friends “IRL”.