What I read Week of 12/23

Even though I’m getting everything ready for Pumpkin, I do have some downtime. It’s typically when I’m already laying on the couch and too tired to move anymore. It hit me last night, that I have a HUGE stack of books and comics (actually many stacks) that I have never read. So I gathered a few and each week I’ll give a run down of what I read and if you should pick it up. Prepare yourself though…some of this stuff is old (like from a few comic cons ago), but you might have missed out too and it’s easy now to go back and start on what you’ve missed.

This week I read….

I am a huge fan of Archie comics. I remember as a kid in Germany running to the base to make sure I bought that week’s digest. I bought them all too. Betty and Veronica, Archie, Jughead and of course the Double Digests! Every year at San Diego Comic Con, I stop at the Archie booth and purchase a graphic novel or two. But the horrible thing is I’ve never read them! This week I busted out The Archie Wedding – Archie in Will you Marry me. In this graphic novel, Archie gets to go down both paths of what his future is like marrying Veronica and then marrying Betty.

When this book came out there was a HUGE controversy that the though of Archie actually picking one of the girls over the other. The book perfectly portrays how the “slighted” girl in each scenario would deal. I actually thought it was an interesting look at not only possible futures, but really about friendship. The book captures those exciting, but confusing feelings when you graduate college and the whole world is open to you. It probably is more relate able now with the mentions of lay-offs and difficulty finding work. Totally recommend!

Next I read Earth One Superman by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis. The graphic novel is a little older from 2010, but it’s a GREAT read. I loved the new look at Superman as it focuses on his struggle of becoming a man and at the same time accepting and becoming Superman. For everyone that thinks that Superman is just a god that doesn’t have feelings or a dark side, you should really read this. It’s the most human look I’ve ever seen at Superman. Definitely read it before the next movie. I guess there is a Volume 2 which I will have to pick up. The release date is Nov 6, 2012, which is pretty recent. Not a bad time to get both and catch up.

Last book for this week is Earth One Batman. This is by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. We’re a bit used to a darker side of Batman (as opposed to the golden boy of Superman), but this book does create a unique look at Batman. I love the take on Alfred. Absolutely love it. We get a glimpse of Bruce Wayne as a kid and basically are taken through the story of how he chooses to become Batman. There is a very interesting take that I won’t spoil, but it was a new look at Batman for me (at one particular point).

Again totally recommend and I can only hope the masterminds behind the Earth One series will take on Wonder Woman.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s reads. I’ll be working my way through my collection every week with you!

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