Approaching a life change with games

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Before giving birth to Miranda, there were days where I was just to physically exhausted to do anything. Too exhausted to move or clean (or maybe feeling just too heavy), so instead I laid around during the day. That last week knowing that your life is completely about to change is an amazingly stressful one. Add to it that my husband and I both had the flu and it made for a stressful and miserable one. Miranda was still going to come regardless of my health, so I needed to destress and relax.

What did I turn to? I turned to comics and video games. I have started catching up on my comics that I fell way behind on. Things that I have bought but never read. That has been so satisfying that I hope I can continue to have personal reading time for me. I know in the short term I’m going to transition to audio books because that will pass the time for me while I’m pumping. Which btw, has to be the weirdest thing in the world and the most boring thing in the world. I did not realize the importance of “hands free” like I should have. Being a geek, I should have known better. But holding those pumps for like 15 or more minutes is SO BORING.

The other thing I got back to was gaming. I chose the 3DS as my gaming device and played through New Super Marios Bros 2 and Epic Mickey 2. It was not only satisfying to beat the games, but it definitely helped destress and let me relax. Which is why I fell in love with video games to begin with. They allow you to visit another world, another life, another story. Even if just for a few minutes or hours a day all the stress, issues etc just stop for that time. Instead, I get to focus on me. Which sounds funny when talking about video games, but that is what I’m doing. I’m taking the time and giving it to me. Not checking social media, writing posts, working or chores, but forcing myself to take time out and relax. The best thing you can possibly give yourself is this time and gaming has allowed me to do that.


Personal post about gearing up for Miranda's birth with video games. ^_^