Hasbro teams up with PopCap to create Bejeweled games

Hasbro is teaming up with PopCap games to create board games from some of PopCap’s popular properties.

“Hasbro shares PopCap’s vision and commitment to high quality and endlessly enjoyable game play,” said Brennan Townley, Director of Brand Licensing at PopCap Games. “We’re thrilled to work with Hasbro to create unique game experiences around PopCap’s intellectual properties that expand our brands in authentic, meaningful ways.”

Two new games will come out in 2013 based on PopCap’s Bejeweled. A game so popular it’s sold over 50 million digital units worldwide. My parents just got an iPad for the holidays and are already addicted to Bejeweled. In the Hasbro version of the Bejeweled game players will swap gems on a board to match 3 or more to win. In Bejeweled Frenzy, players will build stacks of cards as fast as they can. Both games will come with digital aspects to add to your digital copy of Bejeweled.

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