What I read January 13th

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I hope that you are avoiding the plague. I, unfortunately caught it which doesn’t leave much room for working on GamingAngels or reading/gaming on my own. When you’re a kid, you LOVE sick days because all you do is relax, read and play. Or at least that’s what I did. But when you’re an adult, you have to work through it, or you sleep. With this flu, I found myself sleeping more than not. But that could also have to do with the fact that I’m 9 months pregnant. lol

This past week I’ve only read two books. One is for pumpkin so it’s almost cheating. While my volume of output is pathetic, the books themselves were pretty cool.

In continuing with the Archie theme, I read the book above (another score from a SDCC long ago). This book differs in that it basically shows how each life would carry out if he had decided to marry Betty or Veronica. In this book, the chapters seem to correspond to each comic release, constantly alternating between the two worlds. I would have preferred it stuck to the method of reading about one life and then the other. Overall, though I love the deeper look at the other characters and how their life changed. A great followup to reading more about the Archie wedding scenario (and the last Archie Wedding book that I own).

The Wonderland Alphabet is an alphabet board book from Archaia that I picked up at SDCC last year. I met the creator, Janet K Lee, who signed a copy for me (the people that work with Archaia are so nice!). At SDCC I was three months pregnant and looking for items that I could purchase for pumpkin that I would enjoy. Something that would have a geek slant, be witty and beautiful. The Wonderland Alphabet is that. It combines my favorite tale, Alice in Wonderland with a breakdown of the ABC’s. Something I can enjoy/giggle when I read to pumpkin, but don’t expect pumpkin to understand. A perfect combination of Alice in Wonderland fandom and having something I can share with pumpkin that is special. Plus the fact they made it a board book shows that Archaia even understood that this can still be a child’s book. Loved it and highly recommend!