What I read week of December 30

Ah the last week of the year…. and what did I choose to end the year reading? Wonder if what I list below is a reflection of my year as a whole. What are your thoughts?

First up I took on Echo by Terry Moore. Terry Moore is one of my favorite comic book writers. I fell in love with Strangers in Paradise (PLEASE READ IT IF YOU HAVEN’T YET). For a long time my online nick was Katchoo inspired by one of his characters in Strangers in Paradise. For some reason when Echo came out, I bought the first two graphic novels and just kindof dropped it. I never read them and basically just skipped the entire story. Big mistake. Because Echo is exactly what I have come to expect from Terry Moore. I love the characters and their interactions. Since I only have the two issues, I actually got stopped at a place where I’m DYING to know what’s going to happen next. But when I looked on Amazon, I found the full graphic novel collection above (which is sold out right now, but maybe they’ll have more soon). Definitely recommend this if you missed it as well.

Next I read two issues of Fit Pregnancy. Because I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy. I would recommend maybe picking up an issue or two while you are pregnant. I can’t see a subscription being too useful. I felt like there were a TON of ads in the magazine which should have made the price for it lower. But there are a couple of good articles. It’s one of the better pregnancy magazines, but you can also get most of this information online (read Babble’s Pregnancy section).

Next up is Cinderella: From Fabletown with love. In this run-off from the Fables series, Cinderella is a spy. One that really does rival James Bond. I actually liked her more than Bond. She’s smart, smooth and runs a shoe shop…what isn’t there to love? The artwork is great and even if you are not familiar with the Fables series, this stands on it’s own. Definitely can’t recommend enough!

What I didn’t know is there has been a follow up in the Cinderella series! So it looks like I’ll have to pick that up! Cinderella: Fables are Forever came out April, 2012 and follows Cinderella on her next spy adventure. What’s funny is I looked at Barnes and Noble to see if there was a followup today, but they didn’t have it. But Amazon does!!

I already have an idea of what I want to read next week to ring in the New Year. We’ll have to see what it is. Have you read anything great lately?