Here I go Again Pulp Angels review

For this Pulp Angels review, we read Jen Lancaster’s Here I Go Again as part of the Blog Her reading club.

I loved High School. Maybe I’m delusional about my “status” at the school, but I had a great time. I was on a World Champion Dance Guard team, had tons of great friends, and was a member of as many clubs as I could join (I think that started my need to multitask). Highschool was full of friends, laughter and good times.

For Lissy Ryder, High School was where she dominated. As part of a Heather’s type group called the Belles, Lissy ruled the school and her “friends”. She set trends and lashed out harshly at those is slightly different social classes than her. In Here I Go Again, Lissy is about to attend her twenty year high school reunion when basically her “perfect” life, falls apart. Her high school sweetheart divorces her, she loses her job and has to move into her parents’ house. The kindof day where you might drink the bottle of wine instead of just a glass.

Lissy is given a chance to take a look at her high school self and in the process discovers many of life’s lessons that she missed while being the mean girl. But even when she thinks she has everything reset and learned her lesson she continues to discover how she can really set things straight.

I really liked Here I Go Again. Yes, Lissy Ryder is a hard character to root for. Particularly if you were bullied in high school. But I enjoyed the 80’s and 90’s references and the stroll back through high school life. I found it interesting to follow how Lissy finds out about her actions and what effects they had on people. It’s a fun, easy read.

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