Hyperion Books takes on She-Hulk and Rogue romance books

Hyperion Books is working with Marvel to publish two novels focused on female superheroes. The novels are set for a June release, and while promise to be action packed, the written description in the press release is very much focused on the fact that for each of the heroines they are looking for love. That’s right two novels that star women that seem to come right out of the Bachelor.

She-Hulk Diaries will follow Jennifer Walters as she works during the day and battles villains, but also “trying to navigate the dating world to find a Mr. Right who might not mind a sometimes very big and green girlfriend”.

Rogue Touch will follow Rogue as she goes through the challenge of finding romance when she can’t touch anyone. She has run away from home after putting her first boyfriend in a coma. She meets another guy and “sparks fly”.

The announcement was made by Hyperion’s Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Dyssegaard. Of the deal, Dyssegaard says, “Marvel has had tremendous success with recent hit movies and we think it’s a great time to explore what happens to super heroines when they are dropped into traditional women’s novels.”

“It’s exciting to see Hyperion bring two of our most beloved female super heroes, Rogue and She-Hulk, to life in ways you’ve never seen before,” said Ruwan Jayatilleke, Associate Publishers/SVP, Marvel Entertainment. “Whether you’re a long time fan of Marvel or new to our Super Heroes, these novels deliver exciting stories that will capture your imagination.”

I know we’re in a world where 50 Shades of Grey is a top seller, but do we really have to take our female heroines and reduce them to this? Yes, finding a partner is a part of a heroines life (anyone really), but reading the press release it seems to be the major focus instead of on their skills as an action hero. Although I’m sure there may be a market for this if it is written well. But I’d like to see Hyperion then take on our male heroes in the same way.