Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth Xbox 360 review

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I love Marvel and the Avengers specifically. I have enjoyed previous Marvel titles and jumped at the opportunity to play Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth for the Xbox 360. One special feature of this title is that it is created to work with the Xbox 360 Kinect. This means that you can actually move and kick butt as the Avengers characters! A work out while battling for Earth? Sign me up!

In the game, there are 20 superheros to choose from. I tend to play Thor or Captain America. ^_^ The title is inspired by the Marvel comics and covers the Brian Michael Bendis written, Secret Invasion storyline (for all you comic geeks out there).

The title uses the Kinect features better than most. Probably because Ubisoft has much practice with the Kinect games in the Dance Genre. I loved playing this game. I think it’s because I really enjoy Marvel games and it worked well with the Kinect. The voice commands also worked well. But be careful, you may need to stretch before playing. The title can be a work out. But saving the world takes some sweat right?

You can pick up Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth at by clicking on the image below:

Here is the launch demo trailer for Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth (from GameTrailers):