Review: Adventures of Superhero Girl

Adventures of Superhero Girl (Hardcover collection)
Writer: Faith Erin Hicks
Artist: Faith Erin Hicks
Publication date: Feb 13, 2013
Price $16.99
Publisher: Dark Horse

Faith Erin Hicks is a Canadian comic artist/creator. As a fan of comics that is looking for a new voice, I’m so happy to have found Faith. However she’s been creating and winning awards for many years and I can only hope that through her published works with Dark Horse that she will be creating for many more.

Ever wonder how SuperHeros live in a modern world? Hicks explores life of a Superhero in Adventures of Superhero Girl. We follow Superhero Girl as she tries to find herself as a Superhero. She goes through many of the trials and tribulations that many 20 somethings go through. She has a Superhero brother who she lives in the shadow of. The city she lives in does not have much crime, so Superhero Girl tries to find a job to help pay for rent.

Hicks has a great ability to draw the reader in as she plays with Superhero rules and life as a young adult. I love the number of times that Superhero Girl forgets to take off her mask. Or the interesting and playful relationship between Superhero Girl and the Ninjas. It’s a great read that will keep you laughing. It’s completely adorable and I recommend you add this to your comic book collection. I look forward to reading other works by Faith.

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