Unlock a Coaster for Coaster Creator 3D

Coaster Creator 3D is now out in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS for $9.99. The game lets you build your own roller coasters by using the touch screen. Build the craziest things you can think of and then share them with friends or online communities – such as GamingAngels! We actually have a QR code below to unlock a coaster just for GamingAngels readers!

Gill McGee the owner of Classic Coasters will guide players through creating coasters and working their way through an apprenticeship. Unlocking new theme park locations, cart models, decals and more along the way.

The tech editor works with the scree controls and really gives the player control to create what they would like their coaster experience to be like. Below is a trailer for Coaster Creator 3D. New coasters will be available on BigJohnGames.com via QR Codes.