Can Candy Crush Saga keep King at the top?

For the most part I hate Facebook games. That is until I had pumpkin. Now I find myself obsessed with a Facebook game. But I also refuse to play by the typical Facebook game rules.

Candy Crush Saga is a Facebook and mobile game. I have to admit that I found it first on mobile before I realized it was also a Facebook game. I found out because it asked me to do that thing that I hate most about Facebook games…ask my friends. Yes, one of my pet peeves about Facebook games is the constant “poking” or messaging to friends in order to get something you need for the game. I close my Facebook tab when I see too many messages about how friend A reached reached a certain level or score.

These “social” games make money. Most Facebook/mobile games live on a micro-transaction model. This means you pay for things like boosts, or new levels. While $.99 a boost or a level may seem innocent, I know it adds up. I’ve read about people having to quit a game because they have maxed out their credit card. While I will pay for a console game, I find myself not buying into the micro-transaction model. I waited two weeks to get enough “tickets” so I can unlock a new area of Candy Crush Saga. I don’t spend money on boosts, even if that means it takes me longer to pass a level.

Even with all that, I still am addicted to Candy Crush Saga. I love playing it. I play a round or two while pumpkin is sleeping. I play it to wind down from the day. It’s the longest I have ever played a mobile game and the main reason is because I just don’t have time to play a console game anymore. At least not right now. The only moments alone I get are moments like these when I blog (while pumping).

But I still don’t buy into Social gaming.

A recent article from VentureBeat explains how King is now the largest social gaming company beating out Zynga. I believe most of this has to do with the success of Candy Crush Saga. But can King produce a follow up that will keep them there? Is the social gaming market overdone as it is? Some companies are starting to doubt it’s payoff. EA announced recently that it’s closing Playfish. Has social gaming had it’s time? I believe it has. I think people are rebelling against a Facebook thread full of game announcements. But I believe these games can have success in mobile and combining a small amount of Facebook social interaction like Candy Crush Saga does.

In the end, I still only have fleeting moments a day to play a game and I choose to spend it with the King – Candy Crush Saga.