Warner Bros announces LEGO Friends games

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment announced that they are working on LEGO Friends for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS systems. The game is scheduled for this fall and is based on the LEGO Friends building sets.

“We are very proud to welcome even more girls into the world of LEGO videogames with a title based on the best-selling LEGO Friends line,” said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games. “LEGO Friends allows players to build personal fun adventure while expressing their individual style and personality along the way.”

The LEGO Friends sets were controversial because they were specifically for girls. The pieces are pink and purple with an emphasis on friendship. Many feel that regular LEGO pieces are a gender neutral experience and that the focus is unwarranted.

Players will be ale to explore areas and activities that interest them. Anything from dance to soccer practice or customizing their character. At the heart of the game, you are building friendships and helping others (teaching empathy is not a bad thing). Players will also be able to take care and train pets.

TT Games is developing LEGO Friends and it should be released in fall of 2013.