Get your Candy Crush Saga fix on your feet

We’ve written about our addiction to Candy Crush Saga. It’s such a great game especially for those of us that only have minutes between naps or feedings to play. Now you can show your love for Candy Crush Saga on your feet!

King has teamed up with Happy Socks to create two styles of socks based on the popular game, Candy Crush Saga. One style is based on the chocolate color bomb and the other is a striped candy which players get by combining four in a row.

You can purchase the socks at for $12. They are available for men and women.

“Candy Crush Saga has become nothing short of a worldwide phenomenon –a game that people can play and enjoy anywhere, any time. With that in mind, it’s only fitting that the first licensing deal is with Happy Socks, giving all those who love the game the chance to revel in the fun of Candy Crush Saga, literally right down to their toes.” said Riccardo Zacconi, King’s CEO and co-founder.