Review: Just Dance 2014

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What I loved: The track list is full of hits!
What I hated: Sometimes took me awhile to get the moves. 40 GB storage needed for Xbox One install
What surprised me: How well it tracked the moves via Kinect

We’ve reviewed games in the dance genre on GamingAngels before. Mostly because I believe it’s one of the best workouts you can do in the privacy of your own home. You can groove like you’re Beyonce without anyone else staring at you. Dancing not only lifts your soul, but while you are having a great time, you are burning serious calories!

In Just Dance 2014, Ubisoft has provided another dance game that is a consistent mark in the franchise. Just Dance franchise is known for having the hits and Just Dance 2014 does not disappoint. With over 40 tracks included on the disc, you’ll be hard pressed to find a song that you haven’t heard on the radio all summer. Some of my personal favorites are Daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky and Lady Gaga’s Applause.

Just Dance 2014 on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One uses the Kinect to follow your moves and score you accordingly. The Kinect on Xbox One can handle 1-6 players. In Just Dance 2014, for the first time you can go online and dance multiplayer. I was unable to test this at this point, but I hope to and will update with what that experience is like.

To assist with your workout, there is a custom sweat mode. I like this mode because it allows you to create a workout of songs you enjoy and track the calories you have burned.

Games like these are enjoyable for a long time due to the supported DLC. Check out the Ubisoft blog for updates on future downloadable content. This is an easy and fun way to keep the game and your workout fresh. Tracks seem to be $2.99 each.

I want to spend more time comparing the Xbox 360 version to the Xbox One version, but I just got the title before the holiday weekend. The title is very similar and runs well (so far) on both consoles. I’m pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have any issues with the Kinect picking up my moves.

Just Dance 2014 is not only a good workout game, but a great party game. Which is important as we head into the holiday season. People want to try out new games or consoles and Just Dance 2014 is a great way to get everyone involved. With the support of up to six players, no one has to feel left out of the dance party.

Now if I could just make sure the living room area stays clear of baby toys. Turns out they are a bit of a hazard when you are dancing the night away.

You can purchase Just Dance 2014 at GameStop or Amazon.
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