E3 2016 by the numbers…

We won’t be attending E3 2016 because I’m still trying to figure out the new balance of what I want to write about in terms of family gaming and gaming culture. But by all early reports, it seemed like E3 2016 was going to be vacant. But according to a report from the ESA there is a lot of growth.

Most of it seems to be in new exhibitors that are specializing in mobile or the VR/AR space. “More than 90 exhibitors are involved heavily in the mobile space”. Which is good news for mobile gamers. I’ve never really caught onto mobile gaming after my Candy Crush stint.

53 exhibitors will be showcasing VR/AR technology. Which could mean games or could mean any combination of peripherals etc. But that is an increase from 27 companies in 2015 and shows where the industry may be looking to go.

ESA also states that “more than 2,000 products will be exhibited at E3 2016.” This includes 130 products that we “have never scene before”. Just the beginning when it comes to the surprises that E3 tends to bring.

I look forward to following along in any of the surprises that E3 2016 may bring from the comfort of my couch. ^_^


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