Nintendo announces the Switch!

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo released information this morning on the codename project Nintendo NX. At 7amPST they released the following video:

While I have no exact details on the console or the handheld portion, the Nintendo Switch looks incredibly interesting from a few perspectives. Mobile multiplayer gaming. The idea that you can take the tablet part on the road and then hand someone half of your controller to play is amazing. At parties you can have instant tournaments amongst friends. Or even take a break from studying at the library to blow some steam off with a friend. Of course this is all largely dependent on the battery life of the system.

This is the first console we will play with Pumpkin. I am SO EXCITED about this. The idea that we can play a Mario game together or a Mario Cart just gives me chills. She’s already grabbing controllers and playing on my husband’s iPad, but this is where her console addiction will start. I started with Arcades, but I still vividly remember playing Pong and other Atari games with my father.

The controller concept. I think the controller will fit nicely in my hands and Pumpkin’s hands. Perfect for kids. BUT, I’m not certain how the guys will fare with the portable aspect of it. The other possible issue with the controller is LOSING IT. I will have a four month old and a 4 year old by the time the Switch comes out. This means that the controller pieces could constantly be “hiding” or even lost. Especially when there is a playdate. We already seem to loose the Apple TV remote on a constant basis. Hopefully they will sell those pieces to replace. Would be tough to have to buy a brand new controller every time.

I am very excited and optimistic about the Switch. I hope that Nintendo goes on the road with this before March (they tend to do a Mall tour around the holidays) so I can get a hands on. I want to see how it feels in my hands and what the experience of taking it from TV to on the go is like. I know it’s early, but I’m all in on the Switch.

What are your thoughts?


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