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  • 07May

    Glam Up Your Style with Glamasaurus

    Lately we’ve been talking a bit more about fashion for the female gamer on GamingAngels, showcasing some online stores and upcoming lines of clothing and accessories aimed towards those of us who are a bit older but still want to flaunt our love of gaming and geekery. Etsy is one of those great online destinations when you are looking to find unique items. Glamasauraus opened on Etsy just over two years ago, but Andreanna has been crafting since… well, forever! A stay at home mom, she juggles taking care of her daughter as well as creating and running her Etsy store. Glamasaurus boasts an awesome 100% satisfaction rating and features an amazing variety of fashion accessories and hand-made figurines. I’ve already spotted a good $300 worth of things that I wish I had the money to splurge on right now, as well as seen a few items I wouldn’t mind

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  • 04May

    New Lost Planet 2 Video – Central City

    With Lost Planet 2 only a week away, we bring you another new video showcasing gameplay footage from Capcom’s upcoming release for the Xbox 360 and PS3. In this video we visit Central City and can see first hand how destructible the landscape is. You can pre-order Lost Planet 2 for either the Xbox 360 (featuring cameos from Gears of War soldiers Marcus & Dom) or the Playstation 3 now, as well as the official strategy guide from Prima Games. (Click the links to visit Make sure you check out the official Lost Planet Community site, Like the Facebook Group, and follow Lost Planet on Twitter as well as checking out GamingAngels for more information and coverage of Lost Planet 2. Follow

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  • 02May

    WiG Weekend: Interview with Jennifer Canada, Insomniac Games

    Jennifer never planned for a career in gaming, but gaming found her and she has graciously taken time to answer some questions for us about her experiences in the video games industry. She is currently employed with Insomniac Games, working on a top-secret game. GamingAngels: Can you tell us a little more about how your career path turned towards game design? Was it something you saw yourself doing when you were younger or did fate conspire to bring you to where you are now?

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  • 30Apr

    New Lost Planet 2 Video – Amaruba Jungle

    In a mere 11 days from now Lost Planet 2 will be hitting store shelves and Capcom has sent along a new video featuring gameplay from the Amaruba Jungle area for us to share with the community. In this video, we can see how E.D.N. III has changed due to the terraforming process that started 10 years ago when we first arrived and battled the Akrids. The perma-freeze has ended, giving way to lush forests and humid deserts. This video showcases the Amaruba Jungle area of E.D.N. III, giving you a sneak peek at what lies ahead for gamers making the return trip. You can pre-order Lost Planet 2 for either the Xbox 360 (featuring cameos from Gears of War soldiers Marcus & Dom) or the Playstation 3 now, as well as the official strategy guide from Prima Games. (Click the links to visit Make sure you check out

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  • 28Apr

    Wii Riiflex Dumbbells

    Regular GamingAngels readers and visitors to our forum know that we started up a 90 Day Challenge, using video games and a healthier diet in order to lose a few pounds and get fit. Some people are using Dance Dance Revolution, but I am using EA Active (minus the Wii Balance Board). Our resistance band was doing nothing for me which meant it was time to look for something that would bring some challenge to my workout. I don’t quite recall how I discovered the Riiflex dumbbells. Odds are it was something I saw locally seeing as they are an Atlanta based company. I had been looking around the Walmarts and the Targets and had found weighted boxing gloves, however I am not a boxing person and they had no use for myself away from a Wii workout. Dumbbells, however, can be picked up randomly throughout the day and seemed

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  • 22Apr

    Review: America’s Test Kitchen

    Turn your family into your sous chefs and prepare 300 recipes from the comfort of your DS with America’s Test Kitchen. ESRB: E for Everyone Genre: Interactive Cookbook Number of Players: One¬† Publisher: Nintendo Release Date: March 28, 2010 Buy Buy it now from Amazon Spending time in the kitchen is something I both love and dread. Love because I enjoy making good food for my friends and family. Dread due to the inevitable piles of dishes that will be left to clean up, and I’m usually the one doing that, too. There is an entire row of cookbooks in our home covering a wide range of cuisines. We leave shopping lists stuck to our refrigerator and our kitchen table doubles as a prep table and cookbook stand. The kitchen in our apartment is rather small, not much counter space is available, which means its hard for two people to

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  • 12Apr

    Mother’s Day DS Shopping Guide

    This Mother’s Day, why not surprise your mom with a nice card, some chocolate, breakfast in bed and the ability to spend some quality time to herself with her Nintendo DS? ¬†Mother’s Day is May 9th, so we’re bringing you a wide variety of ideas to pick up for your Mom this year, and you’ve still got plenty of time to pick them up. *Edit – Target has a deal on the DSi original from May 2nd until May 8th. You’ll receive a free copy of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story with the purchase of a DSi system (retailing at $169.99).* The DSi XL Maybe your mom doesn’t have the DS yet or she’s been sharing with someone else. On March 28th, Nintendo released a larger version of the DSi called the DSi XL. This system is much larger than the DSi, boasting a 93% bigger screen which I

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  • 11Apr

    WiG Weekend: Interview with Megan Sawyer, Bethesda Softworks

    Many of us have spent hours “oo”-ing and “ah”-ing over the random bric-a-brac of Oblivion and Fallout 3. Megan Sawyer is one of the many talented environment artists who spend hours creating the small bits of scenery that make us enjoy the beauty of video games. Hi! I’m Megan Sawyer, an environment artist for Bethesda Softworks. I create various environment pieces from shrubs to small clutter items, and in the past have done everything from tapestries that hang on the walls to tires that sit in the dirt, to houses and their interiors. I’d like to think that’s why they’ve let me stay for so long without calling security.

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  • 30Mar

    Again DS Review

    Follow the clues and capture the killer as you turn your DS on its side and take part in an interactive novel experience. ESRB: T for Teen Genre: Interactive Crime Novel Number of Players: One Publisher: Tecmo Games Release Date: March 30, 2010 Buy Buy it now from Amazon I love losing myself in a good book. Sometimes nothing is better than reading a finely spun story and putting yourself in the shoes of the lead character while snuggled up in your favourite spot on the couch and savoring a pot of tea. Playing an interactive novel game is a real treat for bookworms, as it combines intriguing storyline with various puzzle elements and exercises your brain putting your reasoning skills to work. Again is the second interactive novel experience from Cing Inc, who also brought Hotel Dusk to the Nintendo DS. In this story, you slip into the shoes

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  • 29Mar

    Review: Dead or Alive Paradise

    It’s like playing with Barbies, a very mature bunch of Barbies. And it’s my guilty pleasure. I know I am not alone in this either. ESRB: M for Mature Genre: Relationship Simulation Number of Players: One Developer: Tecmo Koei Release Date: March 30, 2010 (UMD), April 1, 2010 (Digital) Buy Buy it now from Everything you’ve heard about the Dead or Alive Volleyball games is true, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been fun. Sure the girls have flawlessly perfect bodies, and yes, DOA breasts seem to have a special gravity field (or maybe lack thereof), but the relaxing vacation experience is really just as much fun for the girl gamers as it is for the guys. We just don’t take the game in a perverted manner, instead appreciating it for what it is, flaws and all. At its heart, DOA Paradise is a portable version of Dead or

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