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  • 09Jan

    Microsoft’s last CES presser

    Microsoft held their last CES Press Conference tonight. I’ve attended three past Microsoft press events at CES and know that usually they are a star attended affair. Generally not that focused on gaming, but talking about phones, software and any new hardware. Tonight’s event opened with a musical intro remix that showcased the last 15 years of Microsoft CES pressers. It was created by Pogo and amazing! I hope they do it again at an E3. Bill Gates is no longer doing the CES pressers so Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer took the helm. He stated tonight that the Xbox 360 video game console has sold more than 66 million units since it was launched in 2005. He also stated that Microsoft has sold more than 18 million Kinect motion-sensing systems. Joining him on stage was Ryan Seacrest. Why? No idea, but the comments on Twitter was that because Steve

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  • 07Jan

    CES 2011 trends to watch for

    The Consumer Electronics show is this week in Las Vegas. The show is the largest gadget show in the US. While we won’t be there, we hope to bring you all the news and information that we find interesting from CES 2011. The show is massive to say the least, but there are a few themes we’ll see this year. 1. 3-D and Internet connected TVs. Sony has already kicked things off with more 3D TV announcements, but we’ve also heard televisions that will have netflix accessibility, Hulu, and even gaming service, On Live. Vizio is hoping that OnLive will help them continue to sell their tvs to gamers. 2. Apps are everywhere Apps are not only popular on iTunes, but they are now appearing everywhere. Early CES announcements have Pandora service installed in the cars. Amazon has announced that they are opening an Android App store. Expect more announcements

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  • 04Jan

    CES 2011 sees Stars

    CES starts this week in Las Vegas and with that means the stars will be coming out. Many companies hire stars to talk about their brand new gadgets. 50 Cent will be with Sleek Audio, signing autographs and talking about mobile audio. Aiden Turner, from All My Children will be talking about Ty, a cloud disc that attaches to personal possessions and prevents the loss of items. Snowboarder Seth Wescott will be talking at the Sports and Fitness Tech Summit. Bill Walton and Rick Fox will be at the Haler Booth. Earth, Wind and Fire will be holding a concert at the Monster Retailer Awards. Olivia Wilde will be out of the grid and talking with Piers Morgan and Common about their Blackberries. While we won’t be at CES this year (next year we’ll be doing video from CES), we will be posting news as we receive it! Follow

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