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  • 22Sep

    Interview: Veronica Tegan Founder of Team Robot

    What does Team Robot do? Team Robot was founded by myself, Eric Coley and Peter Coley. We help people play games better, including ourselves. We develop applications that provide real-time strategy for use in-game. The applications do some pretty complex math on the backend, so gamers can spend more time playing games instead solving math riddles. Our first suite of tools support World of Warcraft players, suggesting the best gear, gems, enchants and reforges. We’re launching support for League of Legends later this year, and continuing our expansion to Star Wars The Old Republic, Diablo 3, and more. What was your job at Xfire? I started at Xfire as the first person to support the sales team, which was 2 people at that time. This included handling contract details, testing ads, creating new advertising programs, implementing ad server technology, and of course, tracking revenue. I basically did everything that wasn’t

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  • 13Sep

    Contract Killer iOS Shooter

    Glu Mobile, with it’s perky little letter ‘g’ logo has made a science out of game addiction. They specialize in freemium games and Contract Killer will be the next to take your time and seduce you into micro transactions. It is a first person shooter where you pick up contracts from icons on the map. Each one explains who to take out or shoot with a tranquilizer gun. Everything takes place starting with the map that has locations for your Safehouse and a Store. On the map the location icons reveal more about the story line. Or contacts give you assignments to fulfill. Gameplay is mainly centered around the shooting and the variety if guns available in the game. You play as a lone sniper hidden in the rooftops of the city. But your character is not immune to the barrage of bullets that may come at you from below.

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  • 06Sep

    Manga Review: 51 Ways to Save My Girlfriend by Furuya Usamaru

    Earlier this year I came across a manga that is emotional, shocking, truthful and prophetic. It was considered as Science Fiction, until March 11, 2011 that is. Manga 51 Ways to Save my Girlfriend (Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou ) has become a psychic premonition and of a slice of life in post quake Japan. This fictional earthquake story was written by FURUYA Usamaru back in 2006. The manga spares nothing and takes a look at the darkest sides of disaster. The main character is a guy who is looking for a job at Fuji TV headquarters in Odaiba. Known as a resort and tourist attraction the island of Odaiba is home to an Aquacity an enormous shopping mall, a high tech multi-plex cinema and a gourmet zone which is the largest in Japan. The major attractions of Odaiba are mentioned in the manga as the characters make their

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  • 02Sep

    Manga Review: Soil by Atsushi Kaneko

    I read manga every night. It’s my guilty pleasure and an insomniacs ticket to dreamland. I read several popular ones like Bleach, Claymore, Fairytail, Vampire Knight, Kuroshitsuji, and Kanojo Wo Mamoru 51 No Houhou, to name a few favorites. From time to time I get tired of the formula. Slice of life, high school kids doing this or that, or some such about nothing. There aren’t updates everyday to read, so occasionally I’ll do searches. On one particular night I set the search engine I was using for ‘mystery’ and found Soil. SOIL is a parapsychological mystery by Atsushi Kaneko. It begins with a story that seems to be about two detectives and the disappearance of a family. Set in weirdly named “Soil New Town” (New Soil Town?), which seems to be a sleepy pastoral community, of course appearances are deceiving. As it is presented, you may empathize with the

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  • 21Aug

    Eternity Warriors for iOS and Android

    Eternity Warriors is a fourth offering from Glu games. They have released a few other skinned over games based on a similar engine and have had success. They could be some competition for Gameloft on iOS. Their games are free to play, and extra items and currencies are able to be purchased in game through the App Store. It is a fun ‘Freemium’ game. It’s a Diablo-esque hack-and-slash fantasy game. Eternity Warriors control set up has a stick and an attack button. An AI controlled companion follows your character around and gets in the way. The two burly icons bumble into each other like a pair of magnetized dwarves. Enemies come in waves monsters with swords and axes come at you on all sides. The character is difficult to move and the control stick does not work as fluidly as I am used to from other games with virtual joystick.

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  • 16Aug

    Interview: Brenda Holzknecht, Supreme Enabler at Geek Chic Furniture

    While at a convention Gaming Angels Cherithe came across some beautiful hand made furniture for table top gaming. They also had storage solutions for comics and collectibles. Geek Woman was happy to interview Brenda Holzknecht Supreme Enabler at Geek Chic Furniture. Geek Woman: What was it that inspired you to start making furniture for gamers? Brenda Holzknecht: Well, being gamers, it was originally all about making furniture for ourselves. We gamers are a “can do” bunch. We can design and make our own furniture, but we realized sometimes it’s nice not to spend your time making the furniture as much as playing with the furniture. Wanting to spend your off time in a pleasant environment, gaming with a group of your friends is what it is all about. Not spending your off time designing, making and in many cases educating yourself on furniture building and manufacturing…a skill that many will

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  • 15Aug

    Companions RPG for iOS

    Companions is a recent indie top-down RPG -ish strategy game for iOS. It is much more heavily a strategy game with old school gameplay mechanics. It can actually be challenging and quite difficult, if you haven’t played one of these before. It has the grid based navigation like a tower defense game. However, one gamer’s challenge can be another gamer’s annoyance. In Companions there are two game modes, which are the quick play ‘Single Map’ mode, and the Campaign mode. Each of the members of the four person team has a little backstory. The controls are simple taps on the characters and then a tap on the enemies to attack. Each party member has three special skills that they can equip at a time. They are limited by cool down times as you would normally see. Graphics are limited. It’s very pixelish. You don’t actually see your characters in three

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  • 12Aug

    Empress of the Deep 2 Song of the Blue Whale

    Empress of the Deep 2 Song of the Blue Whale is out and it is another terrific offering from the franchise. This hidden object and puzzle game has some of the best features out there for this type of game. The graphics, sound and puzzles are all outstanding. It has superior graphics, and a beautiful art-style for the backgrounds. There is lots of magical glitter around. Special effects move the cutscenes and animations along with cleverly used transitions. There are flowing fountains and decorative ponds surrounded by gardens. The animal Guardians in the game who are outfitted with brass fittings that are able to translate animal to human speech. The animals aren’t the only nod to steam punk in the game. Entire areas look like they have been detailed with shiny brass whatnots. It is beautiful, and once again like the first Empress of the Deep, all those pipes and

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  • 02Aug

    Interview: Linda Currie, Design Director at Turbine

    Linda Currie is a Design Director at Turbine, Inc. That not so little company that has two not so little MMO games that you might have heard of Lord of the Rings Online, and Dungeons & Dragons Online. LOTRO Rise of Isengard, which is the new LOTRO expansion will be coming out on September 27th Prior to joining Turbine, Linda was an independent design and project management consultant, and Creative Director at Create Studios, Inc. She was at while at Blue Fang Games, and was Design Manager of the design department. She worked as a Producer of Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania, and was Lead Designer on Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species and Senior Game Designer on the best-seller Zoo Tycoon: 2. Before that she was Executive Producer for Strategy First, and before that… well, you get the idea…30 years is a long time! Linda was co-founder of the former

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  • 02Aug

    Interview: Stephanie Herrera, Artist and Writer for Dreams

    Recently Geek Woman played Dreams for iOS on iPad. And then got in touch with the artist/creator, Stephanie Herrera. Geek Woman: It seemed like the differences in the pictures were tiny details that women would be more inclined to notice than men, were you intending that? Stephanie Herrera: When I made the game I was a lot younger than now and the differences just came out of thin air, I didn’t plan them at all, just made whatever came to my mind. I think the innocence of the moment also helped and the stuff I was going through in my life at that certain point, such as becoming a self conscious woman. What art your art style influences? In that time I liked manga and anime a lot, probably you can tell from the images, lol… But now I’m older I have much more influences in my style, most of

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