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  • 08Jul

    Snap App Sunday: Instagram

    ​Welcome to the first installation of Snap App Sunday, where I will give you all the information you need to know about photography based applications. Personally, I’m Team Droid, so controls and functions may be specific to my oft used smartphone, but I’ll make sure I predominantly write about apps on both Apple and Droid operating systems. If you have a Blackberry, I’m sorry that you have a Blackberry. Today we’re going to start with the most popular photography app out; Instagram.​ I’m sure you’ve heard that two seconds after their Droid app was released, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for one. billion. dollars. Since then the app has gone through a few updates, most notably a recent redesign, to improve functionality and finally make room for the kabillions of infiltrating Droid users. When Instagram launched on Droid, I immediately downloaded it to see what the fuss was about (I was using the now defunct

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  • 14Apr

    Pottermore Is Opening To The Public (Finally)

    Pottermore, which has been in closed beta for a kabillion years, started rolling out to the public! According to Pottermore Insider, they will be allowing new users to register beginning today. New users will given a wand and sorted, but you may not be able to access the entirety of the Pottermore halls until you receive a proper Pottermore invitation. No word yet on how long you’ll wait to explore the site fully. Many users are concerned about how this will affect load times, so I’ll impart some wisdom here; BE YE NOT OVERZEALOUS! When beta access finally rolled my way, I was only intially able to access the site for a few hours, and then not again for days. Now that the million beta members will be able to move forward through the series, and the new users are receiving access in waves – I may be a pessimist,

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  • 29Mar

    Harry Potter Series Goes Digital

    The JK Rowling authored Harry Potter series of books, and audio books, finally made their way to digital devices! Starting at just $7.99, each digital book file is available for purchase on the newly opened Pottermore Shop (You don’t need a Pottermore account (which is STILL in beta) but you will need to create a Pottermore Shop account to buy). There’s also the comprehensive collection, unequivocally a great value, at $57.54. The audiobooks are pricier, beginning at $29.99, with the collection clocking in at $242.94. According to the website, the Ebooks are available in EPUB and Kindle formats, audiobooks are in MP3; making both options compatible with every e-reader, application, computer, MP3 player, tablet and damn near every other device on Earth. Pottermore’s shop also allows you to ‘gift’ the books to friends and family, whether you buy for yourself, or for someone else, the downloads are available for instant

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  • 07Mar

    Mom’s A Geek: Exploring Science And Making Salt Crystals

    What You’ll Need: A Glass Jar A String A Paperclip A Pencil/Pen/Stick Water (You’ll be boiling it, so those supplies are necessary too) A Butt Ton Of Salt Patience Directions: Cut the string, tie the paperclip to one end and the pen/pencil/stick to the other. Put aside for now. Boil about a cup of water, this doesn’t need to be precise. Pour the boiled water into the glass jar. SLOWLY stir in the salt. Add more in small increments, until the salt stops dissolving in the water. Utilize patience here. Place the paperclip in the water, roll the string around the pen/pencil/stick until the paperclip doesn’t touch the bottom of the jar. Paperclip should still be completely submerged in the water. Wait. More patience needed here. After 48 hours, I noticed we weren’t growing any more crystals and removed the paper clip from the water to see what would happen.

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  • 14Feb

    Gifts For Your Geeky Valentine

    I’m not into too many holidays, and Valentine’s Day is certainly one of those I could easily do without – but I have to admit; Valentine’s Day inspires some of my favorite gift ideas! With the handmade market in full swing, it has only gotten better! From the funny, to the creepy, to the downright adorable, even sweet DIY kits – some of these goodies make me wish Valentine’s Day came around more than once a year. Still looking for the perfect gift for your geeky Valentine? {Slacker!} Maybe some of these ideas will help you out. The Season of the Mixtape is upon us! My husband and I are big on playlists nowadays, we have them for every occasion. But there’s something to be said about handing your love a cassette with every Cure song that reminds you of them. If only we could find a radio with cassette playing

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  • 18Jan

    HEXBUG Partners With Moshi Monsters To Introduce Bobble Bots

    Innovation First International, known for their clever robotic HEXBUGS has partnered up with Moshi Monsters creator Mind Candy to produce sickeningly adorable Bobble Bots! These bobble headed monsters, set to release in March of this year, will feature the same nano technology, and customizable environments that HEXBUG boasts, but will also integrate the online community, and cute collectable Moshlings that makes Moshi Monsters so popular. With an estimated 50 million users worldwide, Moshi Monsters is a kid safe (ages 6-12) online community, where users can adopt and customize one of six Moshlings, they can then solve puzzles and play games to earn the community’s currency; Rox, as they navigate Monstro City. Users are also allowed limited and filtered interaction with other users. The basic version is free, with the option to purchase a membership which offers additional bonuses, as usual. Bobble Bots will have its own similar site, and their habitats will resemble those

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  • 15Nov

    The Pottermore Experience

    I was having a late night with my one year old son, Severus, and to keep myself awake I browsed through Tumblr. When I came across yet another hilarious picture reblogged by someone I followed, a picture of the cast of the Harry Potter movies with wording over it that simply said; Remember when we thought we’d all be addicted to Pottermore? #Awkward And that is precisely how the experience can be summed up. I participated in the Magic Quill trivia in August, and received beta access in September. At first, I was put off by not being able to choose my own username, but I picked the most befitting of the options and it has grown on me since then. I tore through the site voraciously, upon my first official log in – desperate to get to the thrilling parts of receiving my wand and being Sorted. Both events

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  • 02Sep

    Review: Fraggle Rock Vol 2: Tails and Tales

    Retail Price: $19.95 Page Count: 128 pages Format: hardcover with dust jacket, 8” x 8”, full color Written by: Tim Beedle, Jason M. Burns, Katie Cook, Jake Forbes, Joe LeFavi, Paul Morrissey, Grace Randolph and Katie Strickland Illustrated by: Heidi Arnhold, Nichol Ashworth, Ross Campbell, Lindsay Cibos, Katie Cook, Chandra Free, Cory Godbey, Chris Lie and Mark Simmons Cover by: David Petersen Release Date: July 20, 2011 Guest Review by: MayhemMiss Let me start by saying that, despite my kindred spirit-ship with Boober, I loathe the Fraggles. I realize this won’t win me any popularity contests and is a bold statement for my first review here on Gaming Angels – however, I always feel that honesty is the best policy! The artwork in this second edition of Fraggle Rock: Tails and Tales is phenomenal. From the epic cover illustration of Mouse Guard’s David Petersen to the vivid coloring of Katie

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