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  • 14Feb

    Happy Valentines Day from GamingAngels

    Whether you are single or with someone, Happy Valentine’s day from GamingAngels. If anything we can celebrate the love and passion we have for our community. Which is a special thing. In celebration, I thought it would be great to embed the Disney short, Paperman. Because it’s adorable.

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  • 19Dec

    Capcom sends Holiday Wishes & Angels in booty shorts

    It’s that time of year where we are getting fun Holiday cards from various video game companies. I was going to accumulate all of them into one post later in the week, but I had to post this one from Capcom. I know I’ve been out of gaming for awhile concentrating on Pumpkin, but what in the world is this image from? Who is the guy? Why are the angels half naked in booty shorts? Does that say Holiday Wishes to you? The angels seem to be staring at something in his lap? Here is the full image: I’d love to hear some ideas as to the concept behind the card before I personally decide how I feel about the card. Can’t make decisions without all the information right?

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  • 11Dec

    Assassin’s Creed 3 is Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the day

    Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please visit Amazon.com to get your own copy of Assassin’s Creed 3, today’s Gold Box Deal of the Day! I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. At GamingAngels, we have always followed the Assassin’s Creed franchise closely. This year we didn’t receive a review copy, but we did have a chance to review Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation for the PS Vita. After that great review, we’re dying to get our hands on Assassin’s Creed 3. Luckily for us, Amazon is making Assassin’s Creed 3 the Gold Box Deal of the day (get it here. Allowing me to not feel so guilty for this pre-Christmas gift. We know the gaming community is in love with this title based on the multiple VGA (Video Game Awards) nominations. I think the placement of the

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  • 25Nov

    Cyber Monday shopping

    Black Friday sales are all but over, but there is another sale wave for you to take advantage of. Cyber Monday is the day where online shopping deals are offered. I think I remember from my IT days that Cyber Monday is a heavy load on work servers because people are shopping while at work to get the deals. It’s a little tougher to find Cyber Monday deals posted early. One thing I thought was interesting is Toys R Us is actually starting Cyber Monday early on Sunday at 6pm. Offering up to 70% off various items including video games. GameStop had some great deals over Black Friday and while they haven’t posted their Cyber Monday deals yet, you can sign up to get an email notification as to what the various deals will be. I would suggest paying attention if you are looking for a particular game on sale.

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  • 21Nov

    GamingAngels Holiday Guide

    The holidays are coming! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and I’ve already ran into Santa at the mall. Crazy. While you might not be ready to make your purchases for the holidays, we’re starting on our yearly GamingAngels Holiday Guide. This year, we’re all a little pressed for time and so I thought it would be fun to use Pinterest boards for our holiday guides. Basically anything that our staff wants or recommends that you get, we’ve pinned onto our Pinterest Boards. This year we have a board for Geek/Gaming and Pulp Angels (our recommended books in SciFi, Comics and Fantasy). We’ll be adding to these boards for the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy our approach to the guides this year. Here are some Gaming Black Friday deals we have seen: Best Buy: Sony – PlayStation 3 (250GB) inFAMOUS Collection Limited Edition Bundle $199.99 Following games at $29.99

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  • 20Nov

    Playing Borderlands 2 with your Husband

    Ah the highs and lows of playing a co-op game with your husband. DH (dear husband) and I absolutely love the Borderlands franchise. We love the story, the gameplay, and the art style. It’s one of the few games that we don’t pay attention to achievements, but instead we work our way through badass rank areas. I don’t have much time to play games, but what we love about Borderlands 2 is that we can play together. Instead of watching tv after dinner, we typically grab controllers and try to log in an hour or two before bedtime. Before I dive into the frustrating aspects, I want to say that I love playing video games with my husband. There aren’t many local co-op games we can play together, unfortunately. We laugh at each other’s “dumb” moments, and we enjoy saving each other when we have to. I am more apt

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  • 19Nov

    Mad Catz community Manager reflects the fighting community

    In glancing through my Facebook on Saturday I ran across Mark Julio’s post. I couldn’t share it for some reason to keep the discussion on our Facebook, so instead I thought I would talk about it here. Mark Julio is the Community and Sponsorship Manager for MadCatz. MadCatz is the company responsible for making the most amazing fighting sticks out there (in my opinion). On first glance, the image is just a marketing picture of pretty girls posing with the arcade sticks. Something, I personally have nothing against. What I can’t understand is how a Community and Sponsorship Manager for a company involved with the Fighting community would put out the following message with the picture: Mark Julio: Before anyone says this is offensive/degrading, just remember. We all can’t have the same likes and dislikes. Think about that before you leave your opinion here. I followed up with this response:

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  • 19Nov

    Easy Mode: Experiential Gaming

    I like to play video games to relax. I have an incredibly hectic schedule (like 95% of the population) and so when I have a couple hours of downtime I like to fire up a console and escape from my ever-growing to do list for a little while. And most of the time, playing video games helps me achieve this – even in a faster paced game, you can get caught up in the story and action. That is, until something goes wrong. For me, this probably happens more often than for others. I was playing Mass Effect 2 a couple weeks ago, having a time, when I got stuck on one mission because I couldn’t control a swarm of husks in this one spot. Try after try I got taken over by those gross things – each time become more disconnected from the experience and more focused on my frustration. After

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  • 15Nov

    Importance of donating to kids in hospitals

    Yesterday, I spent four hours in a doctor’s office undergoing a test for my pregnancy. The test consisted of drinking a substance and then having blood drawn every hour for three hours. That means plenty of downtime in between draws. Only so many magazines or books one can read before becoming obscenely bored. Thankfully, I came equipped with a Nintendo 3DS and the latest Mario game. While it was interrupted gaming, it’s still the most gaming I’ve been able to log in all week. And I LOVED it. I love that it took my mind off the test. Off the worrying. Away from the soreness of the needle draw. It allowed me to escape and have fun. At GamingAngels we have always supported Child’s Play and Gamers United. Both organizations raise funds and various video game items to create a way for children in hospitals to have the same escape

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  • 12Nov

    Skyrim Parodies is back with more episodes

    Yearning for more Skyrim Parodies? Well wait no more! The fabulous Kristen Nedopak is back with five new episodes of the Skyrim Parodies. The first one was released yesterday, November 11, 2012, with each one to be released on the following four Mondays. “I know for many of my fans, it has been a long time coming for this moment.” says Kristen Nedopak, creator of The Skyrim Parodies. “But we wanted to release the entirety of the series at the right time with the right platform…by commemorating the one year release date of the game and partnering with the thriving Fullscreen network on Youtube, we couldn’t have asked for a more ideal way to bring the rest of these episodes to the web!” Make sure to follow the updates on the Skyrim Parodies website or on Kristen’s YouTube channel.

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