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  • 17Aug

    GenCon Day Two

    Luckily, for me, my day didn’t start as early today. I got started at 1 this afternoon with an interview* at the WizKids booth. I got to play a demo for the AvP (Aliens Versus Predator) HorrorClix while I waited for the rep to talk. The demo was fun, although I’m not new to the Clix system, which helped. I played with the Aliens and won against another con attendee. My interview was short, but we talked about the big announcement for HorrorClix, which is the release of the Nightmares figures in May of 2008. I also got to see the new HaloClix system, which has a few changes from regular HeroClix. Afterward, I made my way to the Octopi/PoxNora booth to meet with Dan Kopycienski and Tom George. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a demo of the game while I was there because all of the demo computers were occupied.

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  • 17Aug

    RockBand/Harmonix Xfire Chat

    Xfire Chat with Harmonix about Rockband As a part of Xfire’s music week I was able to attend a live chat with Harmonix, the development company behind games such as Guitar Hero and Amplitude and, of course, their latest project which discussed, Rock Band. Rock Band is a game that is being released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. In the game the player will be able to become a singer, guitarist, bassist, or drummer and sing or play the many songs in the game. If that doesn’t sound fun enough you can invite your friends over and have a real band. In short, Rock Band is a game where you can live out that rock fantasy that you’ve always dreamed of. During the 4-chat room interview, Dan T (Senior Designer at Harmonix), Sean (Community Developer at Harmonix), and Naoko (Associate Producer at Harmonix) were answering questions about

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  • 16Aug

    GenCon Day One

    For the un-initiated, GenCon is quite possibly THE biggest gaming convention in the USA. Gamers gather for four days to attend seminars and workshops, but mostly they come for the games. There’s rooms dedicated to all sorts of different games. There’s a giant ballroom for Tabletop Games like Settlers of Catan, or Car Wars. There’s numerous rooms for TCG (Trading Card Games) or CCG (Collectible Card Games) like Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh. There’s rooms and events dedicated to Role-Playing like the True Dungeon or Live Action Role-Playing events. Pretty much anywhere you go in the Indianapolis downtown area during these four days is going to filled with gamers gaming. Or just participating in some sort of gaming related hobby, like painting miniatures. GenCon also has a gigantic exhibitors hall where vendors and game companies alike sell their wares, artists display their work and Convention Guests of Honor have booths

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  • 14Aug

    Have you heard of…

    …Donna Bailey or maybe Carol Shaw, no? Well how about Roberta Williams? Just who are these people? They are female game developers of the 8-bit generation. [url=http://www.next-gen.biz/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=6803&Itemid=2]This article[/url] that I received from the WIGI Mentoring list names female gme developers from the time when graphics were second on the list of top priorities and a good old fashioned gaming experience was all that was needed. So check out the article and learn about what it was like to be a game maker in 1982. The answer might just amaze you.

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  • 10Aug

    Interview with Jenny gheduzzi

    [img]http://a459.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/01147/85/42/1147792458_l.jpg[/img] How long have you been an artist and what inspired you to pursue this career? What in your opinion was your first big break? What inspired you to get involved with the Hannah Montana “Music Jam” DS project? As character designer and concept artist for the game did you have any prior experience? What was that experience like and what would be your advice to any artist interested in getting involved with the gaming industry? How much involvement do you have in the gaming industry/community? Do you consider yourself a gamer? Do you play video games if so what kinds? Any future projects you wish to share? Where can we see your work next? Your image was also depicted as a character in the ongoing Graphic Novel “The Trouble with Katie Rogers” by artist Des Taylor. Can you tell us a lil more about the novel and your character?

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  • 08Aug

    Imagine – Babies! for the DS

    I saw this announcement from Ubisoft first at Kotaku, and thought surely it couldn’t be true. Unfortunately, for girl gamers everywhere, it is true. Ubisoft has announced their new line of Imagine games for the DS, one of which includes, Babies. According to a senior marketing director at Ubisoft, Helene Juguet, this is just what all young girl gamers want! Now, sure, these Imagine games are meant for young girls – however, it’s a pretty big generalization to assume that girls between 6 and 14 have the same interests in gaming. 6 to 14?! You know, that’s a pretty large gap between ages. What I liked as a six-year-old was not the same thing I was interested in at 14. And I don’t even want to think about what Imagine Babies might be suggesting about Teen Pregnancy…. So, who’s bright idea at Ubisoft was this? Let’s teach girls how to

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  • 07Aug

    Want to be the Legendary Hero?

    Are you the ultimate Zelda fan? Do you have it all? The games, the figures, the cosplay costume, the box set of the cartoon. We’ll excuse me Princess; you’ve got nothing till you have your Wii attachment. A company called Camy International has releases a Wii attachment to capitalize on the popularity of the Wii’s Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. This attachment is called the Hero Pack and prices around 20 dollars. The Wii-mote is inserted into the handle of the master sword. (The blade is foam so it’s safe to be swinging around) and the nunchuck is inserted into the handle of the Hylian Sheild. This is for the ultimate Zelda fan, but I wonder how events like fishing would work with the attachment. For a complete review of the attachment hit up IGN http://gear.ign.com/articles/810/810918p1.html

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  • 03Aug

    World Of Warcraft expansion announcement

    Blizzard has done it yet again. Blizz has just announced their new expansion entitled the Wrath of the Lich King. For avid WoW fans, this new expansion (much like the last) will offer a plethora of new goodies. On the World of Warcraft website Blizz has announced the first ever WoW hero class entitled the Death Knight, a level cap raise to 80, an all new continent called Northrend, character customization inclugin new hairstyles and all that fun stuff, new battle strats, of course new dungeons and as blizz says, “much, much more…”. You can read all about this expac and watch the trailers, view concept out and delve into the story at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/wrath/

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  • 30Jul

    BlogHer 2007 Conference

    I was priveledged over this past weekend (July 27th & 28th) to attend the BlogHer Conference virtually in Second Life. The BlogHer Conference (one of the largest conferences for women in the US) took place at Chicago’s Navy Pier over the weekend in the Real World. For people that couldn’t attend in Chicago, the Second Life was made available courtesy of the conference center at Hyperstring.net Island and Queen Tureaud (in SL) from the

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  • 26Jul

    Second Life Bans Gambling

    In a recent blog post on the Second Life website, Linden Labs have announced that they are banning gambling within SL. To this very casual SLer, I can’t say this is a surprise. With Canadian and American goverments cracking down on online gambling, it’s not such a stretch to see it shut down in SL. Linden dollars are bought and sold for real world money, which makes it no different from regular gambling sites. It seems there’s going to be a lot of dissent on this announcement, especially since a lot of SL users are not located in the United States, and it can seem unfair to have their fun shut-down because of a US law. But, according to Linden Labs, they have always tried to make sure that Second Life and it’s residents adhere to real world laws. I know that gambling, especially slot machines, have been big since

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