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  • 22Mar

    Unlock a Coaster for Coaster Creator 3D

    Coaster Creator 3D is now out in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS for $9.99. The game lets you build your own roller coasters by using the touch screen. Build the craziest things you can think of and then share them with friends or online communities – such as GamingAngels! We actually have a QR code below to unlock a coaster just for GamingAngels readers! Gill McGee the owner of Classic Coasters will guide players through creating coasters and working their way through an apprenticeship. Unlocking new theme park locations, cart models, decals and more along the way. The tech editor works with the scree controls and really gives the player control to create what they would like their coaster experience to be like. Below is a trailer for Coaster Creator 3D. New coasters will be available on BigJohnGames.com via QR Codes. Follow

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  • 12Sep

    The Games That I Play

    Around here, I am the odd woman out–I don’t play many video games. The only game system I personally have is a Wii and I barely use that, although we will break the ABBA Dance game one day soon, I keep promising myself. When I tell people that I write for this site, they say, “Oh, you’re a gamer?” and then look surprised and a bit confused when I say no, not really. However, I got to thinking about this the other day and I realized that I play games pretty much every day. Mostly, I play games on my phone, and they fall into two categories: games to relieve stress, and games to connect with friends. For stress relief, I am a big fan of short, fast games; the kind of thing where you have to pay complete attention to the game for one minute or so, like Bejeweled

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  • 17Jul

    Unwinding with Pogo.com

    After a full day of work followed by a few hours put into GamingAngels sometimes you just need to unwind. For me, that’s something I can zone out to. While some may turn to a console game, I’m talking about something a bit more low key. Casual games tend to be fun and relaxing at the same time and relaxing is key. That’s why I go to Pogo.com for a huge selection on games I can play to relax. We used to have GamingAngels nights on Pogo.com and we should do it again because Pogo.com is a fun place to play and be social. Pogo.com offers fun casual games that you can play, but also a great community that you can chat with while you are playing. The top two games that I play are Everyone Wins Bingo and Poppit. In Everyone Wins Bingo you literally play with others and

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  • 28Jun

    Digital Extremes Debuts Free-to-Play Game WARFRAME

    On Monday, Digital Extremes released the first look of WARFRAME, their fast-paced co-op shooter that is currently in development and set to hit the Free-To-Play PC market sometime this winter. If you check out the official website now, you can check out a stopped-in-mid-action diorama to get a glimpse into the WARFRAME world as well as a worldwide registration for the closed Beta Test that is set to happen this fall. WARFRAME is a fast-action PvE shooter set in the far reaches of outer space during a new Dark Age and introduces the Tenno, which is a race on the brink of extinction after being enslaved by the Grineer for centuries. Entering in on the cusp of the Grineer’s victory over the Tenno, the players come into the story when the Tenno begin to arm themselves with WARFRAMES. An ancient exo-skeletal technology that is hidden within the Orokin Derelicts of

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  • 20Jun

    Disney/Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Gets Temple Run Mobile Game

    The original Temple Run by Imangi Studios has some impressive stats. The single player, action app game was released last August on iOS and Android earlier this year. It was among the Top 50 downloaded apps in December 2011 which led to it eventually being the number one Free App. The simple game is easy and addicting to play with just a swipe of the finger. The basic premise of the game is to run as far as you can avoiding a variety of obstacles placed in your way and the ever present demonic monkeys that are pursuing you. Now, Imangi has teamed up with an international giant of media: Disney. Temple Run has now been redone with a Disney touch by using the protagonist of the new Disney/Pixar film, Brave, as the character running through what is now lush, Scottish territory. Temple Run: Brave is, at it’s core, just

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  • 19Dec

    Plants vs Zombies gets a holiday update

    PopCap is sending holiday cheer with an update to the iPhone version of Plants vs Zombies. Plants vs Zombies characters will have festive hats and clothing, but there is more to this dlc. Players can now play as zombies in I, Zombie mode. The update includes leaderboards and four new achievements: Better Off Dead, I,Win, Where the Sun don’t Shine, and Undead Space. Also last week, Plants vs Zombies dropped the first hip hop beats. Follow

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  • 29Nov

    Study Shows women don’t play online to connect with others

    A new study from GameHouse about women that play games just came out and everyone is focusing on what they feel is the important aspect of the study. Sex. The study surveyed 2000 US adults and shows that women that play online games have more sex than women that play games offline. Let’s start with a few flaws that I find in the survey. One, 2000 people is not that large of a sample audience. First, they don’t qualify by what they mean with the term online gaming. Do they mean console online gaming? Or maybe PC? Is it separated by game genre? The first fact alone sets off my warning meters…according to their study, 55% of online gamers are women and 45% are men. While I would love to see the number of women gaming to continue to rise, the most recent stats from the ESA show that the

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  • 21Nov

    Review: Godville (Facebook)

    A friend of mine suggested I try out a new-ish game on Facebook. Since this friend does not normally play games on Facebook, I was intrigued. When he said it was called “Godville”, I stared in shock. He HATES those type of games. What was going on here? Had I entered a new dimension? Were there pod people loose? Turns out, the answer was “no” to both of those questions. The game in question, “Godville”, is a zero player RPG. Yes, you read that right. You do not need to do ANYTHING to play this game. You just sign up, name your god (you) and name your follower. Then you send them off into the world to quest, make friends, fight monsters, collect treasures and level up. They generously keep a journal of all their goings on for you to read (only the last 10 events, mind you). You don’t

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  • 15Nov

    The Pottermore Experience

    I was having a late night with my one year old son, Severus, and to keep myself awake I browsed through Tumblr. When I came across yet another hilarious picture reblogged by someone I followed, a picture of the cast of the Harry Potter movies with wording over it that simply said; Remember when we thought we’d all be addicted to Pottermore? #Awkward And that is precisely how the experience can be summed up. I participated in the Magic Quill trivia in August, and received beta access in September. At first, I was put off by not being able to choose my own username, but I picked the most befitting of the options and it has grown on me since then. I tore through the site voraciously, upon my first official log in – desperate to get to the thrilling parts of receiving my wand and being Sorted. Both events

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  • 21Oct

    Featured Facebook Game of the Week – Tetris Battle

    Even though a lot of people have a lot of problems with the way Facebook is laid out or functions, I am still enjoying the feed that pops up when I start playing a game letting me know what my friends are playing. This gives me a good heads up and I get to try a bunch of great games this way. One of these is Tetris Battle. Tetris Battle is a throwback to the original Gameboy game played very much in the same way, only with a good “social” component. Tetris Battle pits players against each other head to random head, sending lines to each other and trying to knock each other out in a 2 minute all out battle (sort of a Tetris Battle Blitz), or finishing 40 lines before each other, or many other challenges. The one thing I wish was that we could choose to play

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